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Families USA: The Voice for Health Care Consumers - Families USA is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

  • http://familiesusa.org/health-action-network Health Action Network | Families USA - Health Action Network helps health care advocates from across the country stay connected, informed, and engaged on key health policy issues and advocacy strategies.
  • http://familiesusa.org/share-your-story Share Your Story | Families USA - For decades, Families USA has collected personal stories that highlight consumer experiences with the health care system. These stories help bring the health care debate to life by transforming mere statistics into real conversations about how people benefit from quality, affordable health coverage.  
  • http://familiesusa.org/issues/affordable-care-act Affordable Care Act | Families USA - Through the health insurance marketplaces and consumer protections, health coverage is now available to those who didn’t have it before.
  • http://familiesusa.org/issues/enrollment Enrollment | Families USA - Getting Americans enrolled in health coverage is critical for a good health care system.
  • http://familiesusa.org/issues/health-equity Health Equity | Families USA - Achieving equity in access to high-quality health care makes healthier, safer, and stronger communities.
  • http://familiesusa.org/issues/health-system-transformation Health System Transformation | Families USA - Transforming the health care system changes how doctors work and how they are paid, and emphasizes quality and evidence rather than volume.
  • http://familiesusa.org/issues/medicaid Medicaid | Families USA - The nation’s health insurance program for low-income individuals and families, and for people with disabilities.
  • http://familiesusa.org/issues/medicare Medicare | Families USA - The federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older and for younger people with certain disabilities.
  • http://familiesusa.org/initiatives/share-initiative SHARE Initiative | Families USA - An initiative to empower consumer health advocates to achieve meaningful changes in public policies.
  • http://familiesusa.org/Assisters-Toolkit Public Policy Toolkit for Enrollment Assisters | Families USA - Resource giving assisters and others the knowledge and tactics they need to be effective advocates.
  • http://familiesusa.org/story-bank-toolkit Story Bank Toolkit | Families USA - Toolkit to help organizations incorporate people’s stories and voices into their work. Stories that highlight personal experiences help put a human face on complex issues.
  • http://familiesusa.org/initiatives/enrollment-assister-resource-center Enrollment Assister Resource Center | Families USA - Health insurance resources to help enrollment navigators and assisters be successful during the third open enrollment period and beyond.
  • http://familiesusa.org/initiatives/access-dental-care Access to Dental Care | Families USA - Increasing awareness about the need to improve access to dental care and to expand the use of mid-level dental providers.
  • http://familiesusa.org/initiatives/king-v-burwell King v. Burwell | Families USA - Our coverage of the momentous victory for consumers in King v. Burwell, the Supreme Court case that challenged a core element of the Affordable Care Act.
  • http://familiesusa.org/initiatives/childrens-health-insurance-program Children’s Health Insurance Program | Families USA - Resources to help you understand the benefits of CHIP and make the case for its renewal.
  • http://familiesusa.org/about About Families USA | Families USA - Families USA works hard to achieve high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable health care for all Americans. We deserve a health care system that works for everyone.
  • http://familiesusa.org/about/our-experts About Families USA - Our Experts | Families USA - Meet Families USA's collection of policy experts and read materials they've produced.

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    This is one book I truly enjoyed. It is a page turner. Can't wait to read another one of his books.

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    This is one very efficient little dehumidifier. Purchased for winter travel in RV. We were surprised at how much humidity it captured in a new RV just overnight. Very reasonably priced! It is very quietly and is highly efficient, takes up little space. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Diarci - Same old thing but works on Windows 10

    I've used both Nero and Roxio for many years. My preference is for Roxio simply because I prefer their interface and because Nero has (if possible) even worse customer assistance than Roxio). Both have many faults which have seemingly never been addressed over the years and the new edition has not changed that. If you dislike the old Nero, get this version. If you hate the old version, skip this one.

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    I started using this in the past year in my older cars and noticed a smoother, quieter engine with less oil consumption. Also, when I change the oil, it is noticeably slicker and stickier. I use the synthetic type in the winter for better flow.

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    Just what I expected, I have one in my office, my bedroom and the kitchen which I love having a snapshot of not only the lunar cycles but it works as a calendar too! Plus, I have two more I can give away!

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    The "2012" plot was so-so. However, the special effects were great. The ~5 minute scene in LA where the earthquake is alluded will make a surround sound home theater come to life (like War of the Worlds, How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, etc.). Woody Harrelson has a short but funny part.