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  • Jennifer Patterson - Great for daily use

    This review is in regards to the Uptown retinol cream. I am always excited and all for trying new products. Personally, I constantly struggle finding the right kind of cream to complement my skin rather than increasing issues like breakouts, oily was, dryness, etc. Typically I can tell very soon after trying a new product, how it will affect my skin. It usually is one extreme or the other: my face will either dry up or it gets outrageously greasy. I am very excited and happy to share to say this cream has kept my skin free from breakouts but most importantly hydrating my skin and decreasing the risk for wrinkles. I am happy to continue using this product as part of my daily routine, which so far has been twice, day and night. I also love that it helps sets my makeup and hasn't caused any problems with that either. I am fairly young yet and thankfully haven't noticed any wrinkles and hopefully this will help maintain my current soft skin. I did receive this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review of the product.

  • Sir Eric - Overpriced. Just eat less and move more.

    Way overpriced for what you get. This is just another gimmic in the weight loss world. If you want something that really works just eat less and move more. Save your money.

  • ladeetyree - Love Bitdefender

    After using AVG for years and starting to find areas of weakness, I research security programs and found Bitdefender highly rated. It did slow down loading some but the slight delay is well worth the level of security. Once my OS is loaded, I find no reduction in speed using apps or internet. Great produced for the money. The fact that I was able to install it on my 3 computers was a BIG PLUS!

  • Angel Loomis - Smelly but they do the job

    These are fairly big tablets, not capsules, and fairly odorous as well. You definitely want to take them with food. If not, you will experience aftertaste! There is other ingredients besides the biotin, which really helps your hair and nails as far as their condition. I've noticed my hair is stronger, grows faster and my nails no longer peel like they did before I started using biotin. Nothing too earth shattering with the other ingredients. Definitely take 2 daily to get your best biotin dose, so this bottle will last you a month. I will continue to take a similar supplement, but they don't all have such an odor, that part turns me off.

  • Adevilbiss - Loved it.

    This bag has tons of compartments. The cooler area is huge. It's a high quality bag! I was very impressed.

  • Kevin - wipe new not new

    A friend of mine gave me some wipe new to try. I have to say it looks like, smells like, and reacts like a trick I used many years ago as a auto detailer. I can't remember the name of it but it was a floor wax that came in a quart can with a pop lid. It took time to dry but it did a beautiful job and I will bet if you purchase a high end pro floor wax today it would do the same thing. You can get them from satin to high gloss. I would venture to guess someone is filling tiny little bottles with floor wax and making a fortune. You can go buy a quart for the same price. Just for giggles I tried the wipe new on a square of tile flooring and it worked very well. Go buy floor wax and you will get the same outcome for a lot less.