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FAUSSE COUCHE - Informations, Description, Avis, Traitement, causes - Retrouvez toutes les informations, description, avis, et les causes d'une fausse couche ainsi que les facteurs de risques, les symptômes - FORUM

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  • batman - Tylenol regular strength. Great price, real product - sealed & safe!

    Great deal, this cost 2-3 times as much in the stores by me. This was the real product, original packaging, sealed in perfect condition.

  • Luvs2Read - Explicit Sexual Scenes Undesirable!

    This could have been such a better book if the author had just led us to the bedroom door and then closed it. Authors who try to write explicit sexual scenes just don't realize that we, the readers, have much better imaginations than the authors have lousy sexual descriptions. There are a few typos, not a lot, but enough that I did notice them. Nothing that is too disruptive to the reading, though. If it hadn't been for the explicit scenes, well, ... it would have been rated a lot better!