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Femara : Aromatase Inhibitor Breast Cancer Treatment - Aromatase inhibitors have been shown to help decrease the risk of breast cancer recurrence versus tamoxifen therapy.

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  • Kelly Sottelbaum - Finishing up where Brunton left off

    There are usually a couple of good, solid manufacturers for products like these. This gadget combines folding solar panels and a battery charger - in theory, it's multi-purpose: charge the batteries (4 AA batteries, must be charged all at the same time) and then use that reserve to charge your devices. The other purpose would be to plug in your device directly to the solar panel, and let the sun (almost) directly charge your stuff. The latter didn't work for my mp3 player or my phone - probably just not enough power being supplied.

  • LilBolo - does the job

    For those of you with sweaty or clammy hands this is the product for you. In this specific purchase it's used to deter sweaty hands during golf- the package says it can be used for other sports as well.

  • I don't expect that much - Solid machine, not well designed for incline walking however

    First of all, make no mistake: this thing is very, VERY large: even folded be aware that it requires a good solid 3 feet of clearance at the top of the tread, and probably 2 feet by the bottom of it. If you are extremely limited on space, I do NOT recommend this machine: unfortunately the space need is actually a product of extremely poor product design: the tread COULD fold up further, but because the LCD unit at the top sticks forward so far there simply isn't clearance for it.


    I purchased this Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser to give as a gift. I have two of these diffusers in my homes and one in my office that I use daily and just really enjoy the benefits of doing so. I mostly use lavender and peppermint essential oils and a Signature Zen blend that I find particularly relaxing. I have purchased several products from the Viva label and have been very happy with all my purchases - the Diffuser is no exception. There are 7 LED Mood Lights: Moonlight White, Firefly Green, Aquamarine Teal, Galaxy Purple, Sunset Red, Mellow Yellow and Mystic Blue. You can set it to cycle through all the lights or pick out your favorite and set it for that one only or not have the light on at all and just choose to have the aromatherapy mister on. At home, I like to use the lights along with the misters. At the office, I just use the mister alone so its not distracting to coworkers. Operates on regular tap water and there is a water cup included so you do not have to unplug the whole unit to fill up. I like that it turns off automatically if the water supply is running low for safety purposes. It can run for 4 hours continuously and only uses 4-6 drops of essential oil(s). Cleanup and maintenance of the units are a breeze. So its something that I can give as a present in total confidence. I am VERY PLEASED with this purchase and highly recommend both the product and the label. Professionally packaged and quickly delivered. I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion and I am delighted that I can leave such a positive review. Thank you.

  • lauralynnee - Works Great But Must Be Patient When "Luring" Them

    We bought this for a family of ground squirrels that moved in. Within the first hour we caught 3, we removed those and reset it and caught 2 more within another hour. We then put it away and put it out the next morning about feeding time and caught what we believe to have been the last one. This trap works great!