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  • Rpace - SSD works great and priced right!

    So far after about four weeks, this SSD drive as been working great. It is very fast in my Dell e6400 laptop running PCLinuxOS 64 bit with Mate desktop. The price was very fair for this drive. No problems to report. I would by again.

  • Armando velazquez - Best cutter ever

    This is a must have tool for any electrician I bought this because i needed to install 4" recessed lights on plaster ceiling I have a 6" hole saw carbide and I was looking for the same but 4" when I saw this cutter and I decided to give it a try since sometimes I install 8" speakers to be able to make all different sizes of holes with one tool and is amazing how this works I couldn't believe how easy I made those 4" hole on plaster after that I clean the cutter and inspected because I was worried that the bit was damage but nothing it looks like I haven't used it yet so I highly recommend this cutter 👍🏻

  • David Wilder - Works 4 me!

    The smoothies I make with Visalus taste good and seem to be helping me lose weight. I'm a disabled veteran, since 2004, and had gained 93 lbs due to inactivity. Now, 19 surgeries later, finally able to walk in the neighborhood 30 minutes per day total, plus replacing 2 meals per day, I've lost 32 lbs in 90 days. Can't contribute it all to Visalus, but it is part of the progress.

  • J. J. L. McGrath - Can Save Your Life If I Doesn't Drive You Around The Bend First

    This is one of the most frustrating pieces of software, but when you get it working it can be a lifesaver. I have used this software mainly for work at various positions since 2007. I have never, ever had this install easy and this version is no exception. First it was continuing to tell me when I was running a clone operation that I needed to reboot and it would never boot into Acronis. I then made an Acronis boot disk and got that to work only to have the Image start and then fail 100% of the time with no real information for resolution. Eventually, I was successful after running CHKDSK to get a good clone. Why is it worth the headache? Well Windows 8.1 was giving my BSODs and I could never find the responsible driver so I rebuilt the machine. Unfortunately, the Recovery Partition was Windows 8 which I had to reinstall and then Patch before I could install 8.1. So long story short the rebuild took the better part of a week. Hopefully if True Image works correctly it will drastically minimize the amount of time. This program is clearly not for the faint of heart. In my current work position we use Clonezilla which is Open Source and free. It is not as refined as True Image but after having spent as much time getting it to work, I am wondering if I made the right choice.