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  • MelB - Works perfect. Am able to raise my monitor enough that ...

    Works perfect. Am able to raise my monitor enough that I can stand at my desk while working. Great product.

  • Kindle Customer - Bohemian material is rougher!! But car seat is a great investment.

    DO NOT get the bohemian material. I've had the plain and the bohemian and the plain natural color sections of the bohemian are indeed roughly textured compared directly to the other one, when brand new. I haven't washed it to see if it makes a difference. The striped parts of the bohemian are much softer (the parts where your child may rest their face when sleeping) than the body. The look of it reminds me generally of a retro couch, in a good way!

  • J. Abramson - Safe and Sound

    Our computer geek turned us on to this when a virus made it through our other virus security program and ate a hard drive. Have this on all our computers, both desktop and laptops. Have never had an incident or attack make it though ever since.

  • Kimberly - Baby Jogger For The Win

    We LOVE this stroller. We have a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old and they can both sit comfortably in it. The huge wheels are rugged and durable and glide over any surface. It folds up super easily just by pulling on the "Pull Here" levers and even fits in the trunk of my tiny sedan (although there isn't room for anything else in there with it). We get compliments on how functional and attractive it is every time we are out in public. Exactly the quality you would expect from Baby Jogger.