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  • Beau Toichi - Good messenger bag, just not for me

    I wanted to like this bag. I was planning to use it like how it should be used...for a 4-mile bicycle commute to work everyday. The bag is well-made with nice features, but there were two things that made me decided to return it:

  • Jasko - Magazine for in depth analysis and great writing

    New Yorker is probably the magazine with best writers anywhere. This includes investigative reporting, social and scientific analysis, poetry, fiction and entertainment review. Other magazines do not have such high standards for writing, both style and the facts.

  • Bryan Stewart - Worst Tax Program for 2012 - if you have kids in college

    First off, I must say I didn't have problems using the software. It is as good as any of the others I have used in the past (TurboTax, TaxAct...). The issue I have is with the mistake I am still living with after filing my taxes 6 weeks ago.

  • ZiltoidTheOmniscient - Not a Smart Charger: Slow and potentially DANGEROUS!

    I bought this to go along with some Energizer 9V rechargeables that were also a mistake. I recently got a wireless in-ear monitor system that requires a 9V battery in the receiver. Never needing rechargeable 9V batteries before, I mistakenly chose this charger, which upon closer inspection recharges 9V batteries at a paltry 30mA, requiring about six hours to recharge Energizer's 175mAh 9V batteries. For more on the stupidity of only having 175mAh capacity in their 9Vs, see my review on their product page.