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  • MissMaconi - Thank all booby goodness for this product!!

    To begin, THIS PRODUCT IS DELICIOUS!!! I was pleasantly surprised, the other products I would mix with a juice that I enjoyed because I was not a huge fan of the flavor. Premama themselves sent me a free sample and so this one I added to water since it noted it was a berry flavor. I really adore it. I was desperate because I wasn't feeling myself become full of milk and though it is said that is normal I just feel more comfortable when I wake up a little leaky. I have since purchased two boxes and after detoxing my boobies from the last product I used I have noticed an 8oz pump increase per day already and it has only been a week of usage.I am so happy about this because though I currently exclusively breastfeed, I am pumping for the future when I go back to school! If you're a breastfeeding momma and you're looking to try something to increase production this is a great one. It is currently the only supplement I am using and do not feel that I require anything else. Give it a try!! I know every human body differs, but it most certainly worked for me.

  • pizelli - Simply does not work.

    Product does not work. I had one when they first came out, it was fine. Two since then simply don't function. Will not communicate with anything, therefore it does not provide any value at all. I think a software update along the way has rendered their product line useless. This is not an american product so I am not sure what type of laws are present in the country of manufacture that would prevent items such as this from being sold. I can't stress enough how useless a bluetooth item that will not communicate via bluetooth is. The companys website's help page is non-functional too.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVING EVERY PAGE

    I finished cosmetology in 2003 and did not get to keep my book so I ordered this one to have as a refresher and professional reference. Man is it great!!! Very vivid, more detailed info, and it captures every learner. There are bold color pages with step by step illustrations and very to the point instructions. It also has a timeline of cosmetology and focuses a little more on being a productive businessman/businesswoman. Really glad I made the purchase!!!!