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  • WealthyPioneers - Quick, Easy and Accurate Thermometer

    I have purchased many thermometers over the years and this one is the easiest to use and very light weight and nit bulky at all. It works fast which is great because children quickly become impatient when getting their temperature taken. Other thermometers I have bought used small, funny watch batteries that I never had extra of and the thermometers would stop working when I had a very sick child, so inconvenient. I highly recommend this to anyone. You easily insert it into the ear and it reads the temperature within just a couple of seconds. I also like the easy to read display screen and the plastic, disposable ear shields that click onto the tip.

  • Soloist - It's good for everything from chapped lips to a wheezy chest

    The same Watkins Camphor Ointment that was a mainstay in my house in the '50's. It's good for everything from chapped lips to a wheezy chest. Good products like this never go out of style.

  • Aaron Schug - Great System for Gaming and More!

    I have been using this console since its release day. I always try to thoroughly test something like this for months before writing a review to be sure I have had enough time to play with most if not all of the features. This way I can take into account the changes (system updates) that have happened over time.

  • Esther - Sabe yourself the money. It is virtually useless

    This product server very little purpose. Unfortunately the wireless signal is very weak, which severely limits the localisation range. One has to be within one meter of the tag (with no obstacles in the middle) to have any reliable information. Anything farther and the output keeps intermittently changing from "getting farther" to "getting closer" so the user has no idea of where to go. There is a sound that ideally should help but this is barely audible even one meter away.