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  • Fahim - Great item great price

    Great item great price. Has the finish of OEM, been running it for appx 3 months with 0 issues. Install was also easy, although included instructions werent the best.

  • Frankie Odom - Should be called LIE-pozene

    It all starts with the phone call. They keep you on the phone with one sales pitch after another. I finally hung up after 45 minutes, hoping it would cancel my order because of all the sales pitches. After getting the product one month later, the instructions stated that for maximum benefit you need to take two pills three times a day thirty minutes before a meal with a full glass of water. Wait a minute, that 30 day supply you sold me just turned into a 5 day supply, and at $20 per bottle, that's $120 per month. What a rip off!! Go to your doctor and get a prescription and 1) save money. 2) get something that actually works. Oh yes, I have been using it for three weeks and have actually gained a few pounds. THANKS LIE-pozene.

  • Georgia Girl - I think it is good.

    I take these to help my body avoid bladder (urinary tract) infections. I haven't had a problem since I started taking them, which has been more than 1 year at this writing. But who knows if it is the pills or not (thus, the reason for 4 stars instead of 5).

  • Daryl - Perfect mouse for perfect aim

    It's perfect. Response time 'feels' better than my 2013 death adder. Mouse is actually a better fit for Palm grip than death adder. My hand is just over 19 cm from tip to wrist and 10 cm from thumb to pinkie. This mouse is perfect. Get 1

  • HappyHiker - Really Great Filter!! Highly recommend it. Minor caveat: need a deep water source or fountain

    This is a really great product. I took it hiking on the Appalachian and was able to filter a lot of while in a short time out of creek with the pipe setup. You do have to know you will be able to get a deep enough water source, pipe, fountain or something else because you do have to dip the bottle unlike the pump filters. That being said this was faster than the pump filter. I have to thank the people at GRAYL for the great customer service as well.

  • Budget Amazon - Bad product. Bad licensing model for businesses.

    Run and hide from this and all Microsoft 2013 if you have a small business. They have made the licensing and installation a huge hassle for anyone not willing to make a Microsoft account for all their employees. Yes, they require an ACTIVE MICROSOFT ACCOUNT in order to use.

  • Sandra - Love

    Love love love it saved my milk supply more than once. I had a preemie and had to pump but wasn't making enough, this was recommended by my lactation consultant and it worked.