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  • VideoHunter - WTF Guys??

    So I was a little sceptical about the price, but after reading some of the reviews, I had to try it. Everyone has had such a great time with the cable and I sure could use the spice in my life. I swapped out my current cable but nothing happened!! WTF guys? How are you getting naked women? I brought my neighbours over to show them and they laughed at me. My landlord was also not entertained when I said I was going to charge him to watch TV. I have a feeling that commenter lied about his landlord! So I had to sell my TV to come up with rent, and I taped the end of the cable to the wall so I could look at it. I do have to admit, the way the light bounces off the diamond coating makes me feel a bit better about my flee-infested apartment and life. Just wish it was 6.6 feet long so it would be at eye-height...6.56 feet is just a bit to short.

  • Elektronik Gooroo - Free Trial is not Free.

    I would give this 0 stars if I could. The free trial is not free for debit card users. They charge you upfront for the device if you order it with one. Also, despite the fact that you "pay nothing" for the free trial, you have to pay to return it. This company has over 3,700 complaints with the BBB. Stay away!

  • Fred Gibson Jr - Perfect Fit!

    Perfect fit on my 2014 RAV4! They look great on the vehicle too. It would be fairly easy to take them off when you're not using them, but I'm leaving mine on with no ill effects. Great product for your RAV4.

  • Tucker Johnson - doing terrible things to my toilet after using this spray and ...

    My wife was very dubious in following my into the bathroom when I requested her accompaniment. I had just spent....some time....doing terrible things to my toilet after using this spray and needed her to verify how well this worked. "It smells like oranges", she told me. My movements have been described in a variety of ways, oranges had not been one of them. I use this whenever I'm not upset with my wife.

  • Stephanie - Great safe car seat (especially for taller babies)

    After much research, we purchased this car seat for my 8 month old daughter, and it's truly met all of our needs to date. We chose this seat for several reasons: safety (rebound bar and steel construction); length of use (she's in the 90+ percentile for height and want her to stay rear facing as long as possible. This seat accommodates the tallest height rear-facing); profile (my husband and I are tall, and we needed something that wouldn't infringe too much on leg room); wear (my sister has a Foonf and raved about the ability to easily clean their fabric, stays looking new). There's more, but hopefully that helps if you're considering the seat. Cons are the weight (it's heavy, but we're not moving it regularly), a little tough to install at first (but what carseats aren't, really).