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  • Steve - The mud guards were easy to install despite no instructions

    The mud guards were easy to install despite no instructions. I don't know why a mud guard is designed with a cavity on the wheel side that will probably collect snow and mud instead of shedding it.

  • Queenbee - The Picture in Picure is Fantastic!

    I have previous experience with Dash Cams, but not one that also comes with a rear camera, so I wasn't sure exactly how that was going to work out. Mounting the rear camera wasn't as difficult as I initially thought it would be, and the provided USB cord was plenty long enough to run from the front of the vehicle to the trunk. The front camera comes with an easily mounted suction cup so it can be moved around if necessary. The option buttons were pretty straightforward, so setting up everything was quick and easy. What has sold me on this Dash Cam above all others is the fact that you can either have the front or rear camera on the screen, or you can have both on the screen together. Even with both cameras showing, it still records the video as two separate files so if you need to just view one or the other camera footage, you can. Dash cams are a very easy way to prove fault in a car accident and with a rear camera also, you are just that much more covered.

  • Linja - Worth every star!

    I bought several of these oval brushes to test out. This one truly has great craftsmanship that came in a nice box. When I tried some other cheaper dupes, the finish wasn't anything special and they felt flimsy. But this brush gave me an airbrushed look, was the perfect size and very beautiful. I tested this on the foundation I hated the most and guess what? It blended perfectly for the first time. No other brush has given me such a flawless finish.

  • Nails - So annoyed after opening it I closed it up and returned ...

    So annoyed after opening it I closed it up and returned it. The box appears to be containing a jar that would hold at least 12 - 16 oz. So maybe the price of $22 is worth it. But it's really a small 5oz. jar incased in a piece of cardboard. If you look closely at the incredibly small pink print on the box it does say 5oz. I felt tricked, deceived and cheated. Don't need anymore of that in my life. If this product is really good then why do they feel the need to play games? Jerks.

  • wagner82 - Simply amazing!

    This was my first Penelope Douglas book and what a whopper to start with! I mean, wow! I absolutely loved everything! Then and Misha were perfect and I connected so deeply with Ryen. I can't wait to discover more of Penelope Douglas' work!