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  • Some One - I wish the setup experience was better and that the apps looked more modern

    I have tried Eero, AirPort Extreme + Express, Asus OnHub, and Asus AC5300. I've cobbled together ridiculous solutions with Powerline Ethernet. Nothing worked until now. I'm getting incredible speeds in every inch of my house and in places I could never even reach before. I don't review products but this deserves taking the time to give a shout out to. I wish the setup experience was better and that the apps looked more modern. I wish there wasn't an embarrassing bug at signup where the Unicode characters in your password weren't escaped properly and they show you your password with / before special characters. Anyways, small stuff when 99% of the time you never spend time in those experiences. All I want is great internet all over my house with minimal pain. This is the first mesh product and def the first consumer router solution which I can really say delivers. The price is extremely competitive. Eero was horrible (serious network congestion) and way more expensive, Airport too underpowered radio wise, Asus Onhub too flakey, and Asus ac5300 too pricey and ugly and while more powerful in the short distance ultimately it didn't reach my entire house. Mesh is the way to go. Great work now focus on the UX please!

  • Brad - Beautiful new Birthday Barbie - LOVE the headband!

    My daughter loves Barbie and gets the Birthday barbie every year for her birthday. We both LOVE this one. I really like the changeup in hairstyle with the headband. The dress is beautiful too. This might be my favorite birthday Barbie she has to date! Great collectable, or great for playing too! The only challenge if this doll is intended for play is that most of these collector dolls (this one included) have one arm permanently bent so changing clothes can be tricky. But it is so beautiful and we have enough Barbies that these special dolls rarely get undressed at my house!

  • snickers - Easy TV mount

    I bought this to use with my 47in LG TV. It comes in a rectangular box about two feet long by 3 inches wide. It is not pre-assembled but comes with all the parts and instructions needed, no different than most other TV mounts. Putting it together was straight forward. Keep in mind that you will need a stud finder in order to properly place this on your wall. Once it was up, my TV fit perfect and felt sturdy as well. This should have no problem with typical flat screens in the 40-70in range. It also comes with a free hdmi cord which is a nice bonus. This mount works perfectly, no need to buy some expensive name brand mount. This will do the job.

  • Ban Filthy Illegals - To all the this:

    *** This review is based on my experience with the laptop itself and not the seller. I purchased this from Best Buy ***