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  • Hartmann - Pc Tools Spyware Doctor/Antivirus 2011

    Excellent spyware locator. Constantly updating itself and notifying you to delete malware and other problems. Best to use it by itself and have no other spyware on your computer at the same time.

  • dnb607 - Best diaper rash cream!

    This diaper rash cream works very well for my daughters when they have diaper rash. Typically the rash will disappear overnight after using this cream. This is my go to diaper rash cream! I am actually a Pediatrician and this cream was highly recommended by my colleagues when I trained during residency and is used by nurses on children in the hospital. This is an expensive cream but the tub of it lasts a very long time and it is worth the price!

  • A. Lambert - Worked the way I used it.

    Works the way I used it. I purchased this about 2 years ago and only just opened it. I used it after putting on leave-in conditioner and then followed up with kinky curly's polishing oil. This worked better than ecostyler for me and definitely has an elongating effect. I like that the ingredients are more natural and i don't get a flaking problem which is a big plus since some gels usually give me that issue.

  • Amazon Customer - Love this stuff

    I’ve been looking for the right product to supplement my workout regime and goals to get a better body for 2016, and Nitrocut was one of the products that was on my radar. I finally made the move to buy it when I saw it on Amazon, and I have to say- this product rocks! I feel pumped and ready to go when I take this, so my workouts have become so much more efficient and productive. My package came via amazon prime, no damage and the bottle looks exactly like it does in the pictures. I will definitely be purchasing Nitrocut again.

  • Rain Liu - very good quality and easy to use stroller, My kids love it!

    It's very comfortable for my tall 3.5 yr old with plenty room to grow. Good quality stroller compares to McLaren. It's very easy to maneuver and easy to fold. Highly recommend for kids that no longer takes nap in stroller. I would choose uppababy over Mclaren over and over again.