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  • Why Genesis Chiropractic is Different - the scan don't lie | Genesis Chiropractic - We never manipulate the spine. We NEVER do any popping, twisting, cracking, or traction therapies. Come see what a Vitalistic Upper Cervical Specific Doctor is.
  • Can drinking Water really change your Life? | Genesis Chiropractic - Try it & see. We'll give you 1 week of Kangen water for FREE. Alkaline, ionized, micro-clustered, antioxidant, filtered water in Bentonville, AR Exit 93
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  • Hearing restored, chronic neck pain relieved, a life revitalized by upper cervical care | Genesis Chiropractic - This young woman had lost a majority of her mid-range hearing after an accident during her late teens. For almost 15 years she dealt with neck pain, hearing
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  • Pain completely gone after upper cervical care | Genesis Chiropractic - Anyone could benefit from upper cervical care, especially people who have been to conventional chiropractors and not seen any relief. Coming here makes all the
  • Bicycling from Kansas City to Pittsburg to Miami to Bentonville | Genesis Chiropractic - Thot I'd share a brief story about one of my long-time loves: riding the open road. I'm talking about biking for 2 days, with 3 friends, in 4 states. This is
  • Run a faster Half Marathon without numbness pain or migraine headaches | Genesis Chiropractic - Anyone who runs wants to run faster 1/2 marathons. What about 1 minute per mile faster? This clinical case may not be typical, but it demonstrates how the body
  • Better results with fewer adjustments | Genesis Chiropractic - We expect better results with fewer adjustments because of our advanced spinal protocol and system of posture training and overall wellness.
  • Can the body cure gluten hyper-sensitivity digestive problems ADHD / ADD and behavior problems? | Genesis Chiropractic - "Gluten-Free" diet, digestive problems, concerns about the bad side effects medications have on children, struggling with ADHD / ADD symptoms? There is hope...
  • Health and function improved in 3 months — patient testimony | Genesis Chiropractic - Just last week at a 3 month update exam a patient excitedly reported the following: "I've lost 18 lbs. in 3 months without changing my lifestyle habits (other

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  • chakeetah - no foul.

    I THINK it works on nail fungus. Mine began improving quickly once I started this, but I am also using a variety of home remedies and Rx with it, so difficult to tell which is actually working since I am basically using a "cocktail" of remedies. Does no harm though, so no harm, no foul.

  • mr12fingers - Great but could have easily been better.

    I typically don't write reviews but after thinking about writing one every time I use the treadmill I figured I'd go ahead.

  • Asia Johnson - Cole World! :D

    This CD is amazing. J. Cole really stepped up and showed the world that you can rap about something of substance and not have to settle for low sales and mediocre radioplay. The album talks about appreciating the intangible things like love, friendship, and family instead money, cars, and clothes. Cole takes us on a journey back to 2014 Forest Hills Drive and lets us in on his struggles & successes there while still touching on relevant issues like the white-washing of hiphop and the myth that fame is a wonderland of good. Cole still stays true to his "Who Dat" days with bangers like "G.O.M.D." All in all I really love this album and I'm glad the first album I've ever actually purchased myself was his. Man, he is a talented artist, so ahead of his time even when he rhyme about the future he be reminiscing. #coleworld

  • Charles Esmailka - Returning it

    I bought this board based on the specifications defined by Newegg. I was led to believe that there were 2x internal USB 2.0 headers, but there is only 1 header for 2 USB ports. This left me unable to hook up a Corsair internal USB link and an extra USB backplate. I also disagree with the angle of the other connectors like the power connectors and USB 3.0. This may help with getting extra air through your case, but it's also a headache to plug things in.

  • red_dirt_skeptic - One Step Forward, Ten Steps Backwards

    I have not actually been able to play the live version of the game due to the ineptitude of EA CT team. I paid $80 for the Limited Edition version, thinking that I would be playing this game for many years as I have done with previous installments of the franchise, particularly SimCity 4. Unfortunately, I will not playing this game for even a week due to the launch debacle.

  • Shebli - A great book for a father of three

    My three books love this book! I like it because they call me their superhero after reading this book! I highly recommend this book to anyone with little boys!

  • Mark A. Manley - Top Flite Men's XL 2012 Golf Set

    The set was received quickly, in excellent condition and exactly as advertised. Have had the clubs out for about five rounds now and execept for some operator error they have performed great. This set for the money cannot be beat for the casual or beginner golfer.