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  • Jessica from Maine Book Momma - So freaking good - I loved it!

    Sigh. If I could spend a little time with this group of characters everyday I totally would. I am completely addicted. I love the Scars drama and Credo fulfilled a deep craving for this world for me.

  • Emily Evans - Great for combination / dry skin

    my skin runs a little dry and is pretty sensitive to different fragrances but this always balances out my skin. I use 1-3 times a week depending on my skin, in combination with (not at the same time as) oil cleansing. This and oil cleansing are all I need to keep my skin clear and smooth!

  • Galla - Fascinating and objective

    Collision 2012 is a fascinating and objective recap of the 2012 election. Balz spends more time on the Republican campaign, since the primaries did take so long, but he summarizes the two years while emphasizing the most important events and developments. In fact, his recount makes the entire primary campaign seem much less tedious and time consuming than I remember it actually being. Balz has no political axe to grind and is even sympathetic at times, not only to Romney and Obama, but to several others, specifically Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum. What was most fascinating, and a bit mindboggling, was the Obama campaign use of technology, demographics and data driven research. Their campaign began much earlier and by the time the actual election period started, the managers' ability to hone in on voters was a fine art (or exquisitely fine tuned technology). It is surprising that the Romney campaign was so far behind and did not even realize until too late just how advanced in number crunching the Democrats were. It is also surprising that Romney, for all his much vaunted managerial and analytical skills, did not have a better run campaign. While he himself made some egregious gaffes, a number of major errors were made at the mid echelon level, including the decision to have Clint Eastwood speak at the convention rather than show a video that demonstated Romney's warm and personable side. The example given by an Obama major manager about receiving only two pertinent and personal contacts from an Obama volunteer who had his name on a list, in contrast to a large number of mailed flyers from the Romney campaign is a dramatic example of how differently the two campaign groups used resources. It is now evident that the Republicans were woefully behind in the use of technology and data driven decision making. As Balz makes clear, the pattern for future elections has been set. Two thoughts arise: 1) Perhaps the Democrats should make use of the same technology and its data base to make sure that future voters are registered, especially in key states and precincts where Republican legislatures are putting into place tougher voting registration requirements. And 2) why can't Jim Messina go to work for the government and maybe get things done?

  • Amazon Customer - Worst decision for water heating

    Like everyone, the concept of on demand hot water is great. We build houses and used three of these units in the last series for in floor heat and domestic use. One of these we built for ourselves. Since the installation we have done nothing but have technicians repair, reset and fix leaks. Our house is constantly without hot water and our other home purchasers have had the same issues. We even had one unit replaced, same issues and a lot of problems with warranty and support.

  • Holli - so the moves are realistic and not choppy like animation. Having the bonus songs from all the ...

    My teen aged daughter loves the way they recorded actual dancers, so the moves are realistic and not choppy like animation. Having the bonus songs from all the other Just Dance games is wonderful, too. The cost to keep it up is minimal and will be worth every penny.