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  • Dunn - Looks great, works well

    I purchased this item because I could not stand the look of the stock antenna. Let me tell you, this is pretty good looking on your truck. The size does restrict it's reception ability. For me, the stations I enjoy still come in well. If you are like me and 90% listen to Pandora through the radio, this is the antenna for you. If you are all about the radio, maybe look for an alternative option.

  • timothy pendleton - Good antenna for a good price.

    No issues. Worked as good if not better than the OEM antenna. Antenna is very solid and has some weight to it. Looks good on my Nissan Titan.

  • April Cooksey - HORRIBLE

    I am only putting one star because "0" won't show up. I bought 2 belts. One wouldn't work after the first use . The other one only lasted for 3-4 uses. Horrible products!!!!! Spend the money and get a better product with a warranty.

  • Jenny C - Unnatural

    I don't know what to say about this stuff. It definitely slows your flow. I developed a regimen of taking 2 capsules twice a day for the first 3 days of my period, then stopping, because it takes a few days to respond. However, it did some weird things to my cycle. I completely skipped a month (which never happens to me) and the next month I had a week and a half between periods. It was pretty scary.

  • Design Laughter - Feels nice if you can stand the strong scent

    If you can get past the smell your skin will feel awesome. Unfortunately for me it's really too strong smelling. I tried it a few times but the smell just lingers and irritates my sinuses. It vaguely reminds me of that cheap soap Irish Spring. I wish I could get over the smell as the product feels amazing on my skin and my face and hands feel so soft and nourished after using it. I'm not particularly sensitive to scents so I ignored the other reviews that mentioned it as an issue. It's not that the smell is nasty or anything just overwhelmingly strong. If Vaadi reformulates their product to tone down or neutralize the scent I wouldn't hesitate to try it again.

  • Safety Czar - Best Science writing 2012

    Son happy with this book. He is in info tech, and had hoped that there would be a book of tech writing, however he is a science person and stated satisfaction with this book.

  • JCamp - One Great , one bad

    Not sure what is happening with Merrell Quality Control. But the pair I received " size 8 " the left boot was smaller ( maybe a 7.5 and marked wrong ) than the right boot. I have two other pairs of Merrell's one the Phoenix size 8 and the other Merrell Whiteout size 8. Both fit perfect out of the box. I can't comment on arch support or break in period, or waterproof as I couldn't wear them much , and didn't outside. As a pair they were uncomfortable,.. but the right boot was very comfortable. Returning these for a 8.5 size . Guess I will review the 8.5 when they arrive.