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  • Javid E. Bencosme - tried niacin therapy didnt work abram hoffer

    wanted to treat adhd and mood with niacin, i got realy sick at 2000 mg fever and anxiety atack throwin up for fourdays, dr abram hoffer and dr andrew saul makes it sound so easy simply take mega doses of vitamins and you feel normal the storys of the skitsofrania inspired me but idk why it didnt work on me did i do smomething wrong?

  • Isamblay Washington - How Many Copies Does WWE Want Me To Keep Buying

    I bought this game the day it came out for the 360 it ain't the best game but it was cool. The it good scratched real easy and no matter how many times I took it to be cleaned or tried to get Game Stop to replace it nothing. Before it was scracthed the game would go into slow motion then freeze. I figured it was just this copy so I bought another one. It wasn't long before It was doing the same. I tried to go online with it but online is worst. You move very slow and the game responds slow to the buttons you just hit about 2 mins. ago. The only real good things about this game is the improved Royal Rumble and the story designer. But when the game keeps freezing for no reason In the middle of you making a story It gets on your nerves. I still think 06 is the best Smackdown game so far.