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  • Julie.m.t - Weeee!

    I'm a stepmom to two young teen girls. This is like.. quite the workout for me (super fun, cause i'm really into the music types), and the girls like to show off their skills and compete against each other. The only thing i'd say is that make sure you have tons of room, because a lot of the dances are arm movement heavy (being for the wii especially) and you might sock one another in the face or side by accident.

  • Jared Koumentis - Consistent Coffee Grinder

    Very consistent grinder. More grind level settings than I'll probably ever need. The grind adjustment wheel takes a bit of getting used to, as the smaller the number, the larger the grind particles. I typically use it between a 1 and 2 grind setting for my Chemex.

  • Southernfae - I wish companies would do a better job of making piks that stay on

    I wish companies would do a better job of making piks that stay on. It fit on my dryer but would come off as soon as I tried to use it in my hair. The pik seems like it had grips inside, but they did not work. I rigged it with a headband (fire hazard I know, don't judge me) and got it to work. I liked it other than the fact it would not stay on my dryer without me rigging it on. None of the teeth broke with my first use, I will suggest that if you have super thick coily hair (like mine) you dry small sections at a time and make sure it is adequately detangled before drying.

  • LC in Michigan - Very Reliable When Backups Are Made From The Bootable Recovery Media. Don't Trust "Live" Backups Made By Any Software!!

    Acronis True Image and Acronis Disk Director are Both Good Reliable Products when used intelligently, and from Bootable Media (like a CD or DVD). I did not try to do a "Live" backup with this software as I don't believe such backups should be trusted no matter whose software you are using that claims this capability. Continue reading below for why I feel this way.

  • James Whitney - Great cup!

    The cup is great. It actually is saving me money. I no longer have to buy an ice tea on my way to work 12 hour overnight shifts. I load up a few ice cubes w/tea and there's still ice in it when I come home. I plan to give some of these as gifts because I like them so much.

  • Miss Jena - Loving this company's products and the price point rocks

    I was sent this product to review and honestly - I always feel like creams and beauty products like this one are the most difficult. I've had acne for almost 2 decades now and the bad ones leave scars and sometimes actually indications that last forever. Gross. Worse, a million companies claim to be able to help you with varying effectiveness.

  • LisaBoBisa - This shirt is my dog's best friend during storms or fireworks!

    My 13 year old dog was never afraid of thunderstorms until we moved into our new house and the neighbors surrounding us like to frequently shoot off fireworks. Not just during the 4th of July. ALL year. My dog had never encountered fireworks before and thought we were under attack. And then with the loud noise and the flash of the fireworks, she learned to associate thunderstorms - with those loud noises and flashes of lightning -- with absolute terror. Thanks, Neighbors!!!