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  • Jeremy A. Kleiman - I've had two fail, bu they sent 3 extras free of charge because they claimed t it was quite rare to receive 2 defectived b2b.

    Very light, great for palming, switches are good quality and good locations and laser is high quality. Plug-and-play with no fancy software to maintain. Great for FPS gamers who don't like to install software for every peripheral they use. Although it is light, if I pick it up or even leave it sitting and wiggle it back and forth very quickly the mouse wheel makes an annoying sound like it isn't exactly snug. Also the plastic, although light, feels very cheap and the plastic used on the side for the "grips" seems smoother and less "grippy" than the plastic on the fingers. Could have done with the same plastic all round. For FPS gamers on a budget you might be better off with a cheaper Zowie or Logitech.

  • Vic Reed - PHD Software!

    I've used H&R Block tax software for several years now and it's very thourough and straighforward in asking simple questions and guiding me through my whole return. Besides a standard W2 I also have a side business and this program has all the proper forms, schedules and advice to get me through without needing a real person even though they have real people handy should I ever need one (tax pro, that is). I like PHD (push here dummy) software!

  • Alyson - Pricey

    Smells good and would probably work better if I could afford to use it daily. I use it once a week as a treatment.