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  • Christa M Sheridan - Quality control issues, but good customer service

    Bought this in response to my wife spending 40 dollars on a yeti. No cup is worth 40$ I said. I'm eating crow now.

  • cindy ansink - "Liquid Gold"

    I recently began using Penetrex three months ago for plantar fasciitis, and I am so pleased. I was going regularly to a podiatrist and then for PT to help with this, and I was slowly improving. Once I started using Penetrex, very quickly my plantar fasciitis started going away. My PT and podiatrist seemed suprised that pushing in on my heel was not hurting anymore, whereas I would previously winced in pain when they did that. I didn't have the heart to tell them it was a cream that I was using. I consider this cream to be "liquid gold", I am truly amazed at how well it helps. Now, I even use it if I have some back pain, and I use it to help with swelling in my fingers (to help get my wedding and engagement ring on). This works better than anything for me to help put my rings on and off my fingers if they are a little swollen for various reasons. I recommended this cream to my mother who also has plantar fasciitis, and she said that it is starting to work for her too. I tried so many things for my plantar fasciitis, and this was the thing that helped the quickest. I am so happy with this product, and would definitely recommend it to anybody.

  • averyclevergirl - Just another predictable love story/almost forensic

    Save your reading time. The author doesn't get into police work or forensics. If you like rich hero's chasing after their girl, this book is for you.

  • Teri Demgen - this stuff does NOT work

    I bought this product based on all the great reviews it received from other buyers on Amazon. We have had a flea problem for months where we think they are all gone but then they all come back again. We've tried chemical sprays, giving our cat a bath with Dawn, keeping the cat outside, keeping him inside, flea collars, etc. So I was so excited to get something that was chemical free that was supposed to work so quickly. We sprayed our apartment the first time and while it does smell good, we noticed fleas about a day later. We rubbed it all over our cat and he was still scratching a day later. We decided to try it again. So we vacuumed, sprayed the rest of the bottle and went to work for the day. Just got home and vacuumed again, and there were TONS of LIVE fleas, big ones and little ones crawling around in the dust/hair from the vaccuming. We are now going to have to hire professionals as this is the last straw! All in all, this stuff does smell as good as everyone says, but it really is a waste of time and money. I'd like to talk to the people who used this and say it worked so well the first time!

  • shala geiger - Bella Forrest has done it again with an amazing book that makes you live in another place and ...

    The Gender Game really put a new spin on the realities of the world if it were split into a female side and a male side. Matrus and Patrus are two different worlds with each side looking down on the other species.

  • Rob Parker - A Wi-Fi Router System only if you DO NOT own any Dropcam cameras

    I am what you might call a router nut. I always buy the latest and greatest to give me the most coverage and speed. I currently own an Asus AC-5300 router. This Orbi router is the only "mesh" (technically not a mesh system) where your speeds you get from the router are not cut down from making the "hop" back to the router. I have a rather large house at 6,200 square feet and the 2 pack system covered every inch.I tried Eeero and Luma. Both reduced my 150Mbs connection to as low as 20Mbps. They were returned. I thought this was the perfect solution until I set them up. Everything was going fantastic until a few hours later when I started getting text that my Dropcam cameras were going offline. Yes, the were in full coverage areas. That was not the issue. In fact I have over 60 devices on my router including Smart home devices, Arlo cameras, iPads, Computers etc.... not one problem. So as I went to the Netgear forum for answers, It seems to be a known issue that you have to disable Implicit Beam Forming and that will fix the issue with the connections being drop from the Dropcam cameras ( I paid for the latest and greatest in technology. Why would I want to disable a high tech feature I paid for? ) So what it really boils down to is that it is a firmware issue. I hear in November sometime there will be a big firmware release but who knows if this will include a fix or not for the Dropcam cameras. I will hold out as long as I can (back to using the ASUS 5300) but if it doesn't get fixed by the time my return policy is up, back they go to Best Buy. I fully recommend this product IF you do not have Dropcam cameras.

  • wildart - BRUTAL!!

    So, I'm not going to write a long and exhaustive review. At the end of the day everyone is going to have their own opinion. No right or wrong really. It's just the first episode and I'm loving it and hating it at the same time. It's going to be brutal! After the "The Red Wedding" this is the most brutal scene I've ever seen in any TV show.