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  • Bradley Chun - The battery minder has a feature of de-sulfurnization which is ...

    The battery minder has a feature of de-sulfurnization which is essential in the long life of the battery, the product does what it claims to do. It also has many safety features that prevents over charging due to weather conditions and temperature. The product is worth the cost, provided

  • Stanley - Readable Revisionism: King Does It Again!

    Author M.S. King is a prolific writer and at this time has seven or eight titles available on Amazon. There is no doubt that King is a revisionist.

  • motleychick - Cookbook

    I got this for next to nothing, This is a E-cookbook, never used any of the recipies. I got it because of the Harry Potter name

  • Michael G. - This is a good upgrade to my shop!

    This collector is working out great for me. I have it under the out feed table of my saw horizontally on a custom stand with the bag horizontal as well. It has more power than the Harbor Freight unit it replaced. It hardly leaves anything in the saw because it is very close. This is the same unit as the Dust Right from Rockler and it is less expensive.

  • Kindle Customer - I love this item

    I love this item. I tested it by leaving some wine open for a few days and then tasted it and the wine that had this vacuum top on it. The wine I had left open was actually sour but the wine I had vacuum sealed was still excellent tasting. I recommended this to my daughter's boyfriend.

  • Mandi Frederick - Excellent Illustrations and Classic Morals

    Let me begin by saying that this book provides you with excellent fully colorized illustrations for each and every fable. The color jumps from the page and is quite striking. The stories are concise, easy for children to understand, and remain a favorite of mine even as an adult.

  • Amazon Customer - My little girl liked it and that makes one of us

    My three-and-a-half-year-old daughter really seemed to like this, but probably more because she's a fan of "stories" in general and doesn't understand how narratives work. Some of these stories we cute and clever, but most seemed like the author was making them up on the fly and then just abruptly wrapped them up. No real plot, conflict, or resolution. Just "There was a frog named Tim and he liked eating flies, and then a fly said hi to him, and now he doesn't eat flies anymore." That's not really a story, per se, and although that's not actually in the book, I often thought "What's the point?". I recognize that they're just children's stories, but most classics have a story line and often a lesson as well. These were a far cry from that. On the positive side, my daughter enjoyed them.