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Welcome to Hanahan Lab | EPFL - The Hanahan group investigates tumor development and progression using mousemodels of cancer that recapitulate important characteristics of human cancers, with strategic goals to elucidate pathogenic mechanisms and develop new therapeuthic strategies

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  • Sara Lynn G - REAL DOSE

    It was a huge waste of money for me. It didn't suppress my appetite a bit, nor did I lose any weight when I consumed this supplement. I will not repurchase this.

  • RMFAN! - Burning eyes after application to small area

    We have a mild flea infestation. I have been putting borax laundry booster & baking soda in the carpet and vacuuming daily. the problem is getting better but I see about one flea a day & would like to be done with it. Went to my vet's office and saw this powder. the gal working at the office said she used it and it worked great. Another, client walked by and said it was the best and worked for her too! I decided to buy the 3lb container. I vacuumed 1/2 the carpet in my kids room, applied the powder with a small push broom. wore a hospital mask over my nose and mouth. directions just said to wear a mask and did not specify what type. Noticed during the brushing part my eyes started to burn. Finished 1/2 of the room, then I removed all my clothing and put in the laundry, wiped my shoes down with a cloth and water. Washed my face and hands twice. concerned about eyes burning I started to do research on the internet. Found all the reviews here. sounds like it works but the dust concerns me as I will want to move my kids back to their bedroom but I don't want them breathing this stuff or playing on the their rug only to get the fine dust on their hands and toys. I'm buying a respirator & goggles tomorrow so that when I vacuum I won't be exposed (will wear gloves too) & I will wipe walls and other things down so that my family has minimal exposure. Not sure I want to finish the room or put it in the toy room. very misleading website too. Directions on the package are not very clear and I am quite concerned about adverse health effects. We have been calling our local Flea Busters in Washington State to get quotes but no one calls back. After reading some reviews about this company I don't think I want to have them apply this at my house. If they cannot call back for someone looking for their business I can certainly see that they would not call back if there was a problem. Cannot say either way whether this works but I can say one should use caution and don't assume that their product is as "natural" and as "safe" as they claim. Get a respirator and goggles and where when applying and any time you vacuum until you know it is out of the room. We are already in a state of chaos and now I feel like we just added a little bit more with this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Little TV

    Needed a small TV in our bedroom and this fit perfectly. We use it HD and the image and color are excellent. And we have used it a lot without a single problem. We did buy the extra 3 yr warranty for $25 as we do with all TVS but hope not to use it.

  • The Magician - Great filter

    Great filter; seems to do a great job (every 5000 miles w/Royal Purple). MUCH easier to take off my '07 Explorer V8. Can only reach front of filter and nut makes it much easier to remove.

  • Internet Diva - MY ONLY PAIN KILLER

    I only take Tylenol Regular when I have a headache. It's hard to find the "regular" in the drugstore, so I am glad that I can buy it here. The Regular doesn't upset my stomach or cause any interactions with other medications that I take (i.e. high blood pressure, cholesterol) on me. I have a problem with dizziness with the Tylenol Extra Strength. This is why I prefer the "Regular" Tylenol.

  • Nichol T - Awesome Products

    I am a mom of 5 kids a nurse and a full time nurse practitioner student, so I am constantly looking for products for my kids, not for just for myself, but for my friends and family. As a nurse I am aware of how important dental care and upkeep is. I never have had any dental problems until late 20’s, so now I have started looking for an increase number of preventative measures such as this SmarToiletries Professional Cordless 3-Mode Rechargeable Waterproof Oral Irrigator / Water Flosser High Capacity Water Tank 4 Jet Tips. I love that it has 3 different settings. My 3rd daughter is getting braces soon and this will come in handy and be so helpful then. This was so easy to sue and set up and came with clear and concise directions. I have amazon prime so I had no problems with shipping or delivery. I love this product!! I I have amazon prime, so I had no problems or issues with shipping or delivery. I have received this product for a discounted price for an honest review in which I have given. The opinions in which I have given are my own, I use these products with my family and would not recommend low quality products. My personal quality rating is A little about how I rate things:

  • Mohsin Naqvi - A "Must" for Gamers and PC Enthusiasts everywhere

    I bought this SSD after alot of time researching and reading reviews from a lot of different websites. I am not going to go in detail of why this SSD is better than the competition for the sake of keep this review relevant to potential users. The SSD arrived on time like expected from Amazon and I was able to install it without any issues. I didn't order an external case like Samsung recommends only because I wasn't aware of it. which did concern me with copy over my data. Using the provided Samsung migration software I was able to copy about 280 GB of data in under 40 minutes (YES I KNOW!!!). now it was time to boot up the PC. I booted the PC thinking something is going to go wrong with it. Everything seemed to work. I did have to update couple of drivers (using driver navigator) because they didn't copy over only because they were being used at the time of cloning the HDD. I should mention that my boot time was not faster than my existing boot time, which i supposed had something to do with the fact i have a relatively decent HDD installed. Now I booted Far Cry 4 (main reason for upgrading to SSD) and the load times were considerably faster. it loaded about 60% faster then my HDD would load these games. I retested it with Advanced Warfare and same results. This definitely a upgrade any gamer should make.