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  • http://hcofme.com/2015/11/off-the-grid/ Off the Grid | Healing Center of Maine - Finding relaxation. How do we unwind, shut-off the constant chatter of phones, internet, work, contrived entertainment, and the endless to-do list? Rediscover
  • http://hcofme.com/2015/10/3-steps-to-more-energy/ 3 Steps to More Energy | Healing Center of Maine - Who doesn't need more energy? Maybe a two year old? For the rest of us we're always searching for an added boost. The truth is you can access greater energy
  • http://hcofme.com/2013/01/eat-more-fat-part-1-fat-is-essential-for-your-heart-and-your-health/ EAT MORE FAT : Part 1 – Fat is Essential for Your Heart and Your Health | Healing Center of Maine - Contrary to popular belief, good quality fats are essential to your health. Changing your diet to include more good quality fat can significantly improve your

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  • sohappy - Awesome product

    I bought this kit to do my kitchen countertops. I have a lot of counters and wanted to do my built in china hutch as well. I bought two kits and had left overs!! It turned out amazing with hard work and patience!! Just follow the instructions and use common sense when needed!! It has changed the whole look of the kitchen. I am a do it yourself kind of gal and this was a wonderful way to get the results without the big price!!

  • James H - Alot of rehash but some great ideas

    After reading hundred of books in this genre, I've come to expect some rehashing of ideas which was no different this time around. Collins has some great ideas about building lasting businesses but most of it is very theoretical like what you learned when you were 21 in physics class at college...hey that's nice but will I ever use more than 10% of that it in the real world?

  • Daisy Mae - Great little tool set for small issues

    These tools are exactly what you need for the small issues on your face. I've bought medical tools before and these are of the same caliber. They come in a nice zip back to keep them in too. Good for anyone with small issues and especially teenagers. I wouldn't recommend using them for larger issues or for a prolonged length of time, just when you notice blackheads, etc.You receive five tools with each end being a different extractor. I would recommend the tools.

  • Agostino Castagnola - The worst!!

    You'd be hard pressed to find a more unreliable program than is. If you are working on a project of even minimal complexity, forget it. Believe me, I know. I have used this software for the past SIX versions, and there has been absolutely no improvement of capability. "Program has stopped working" will become a frequent error message.

  • diassappointed - ruined my computer, it will do the same to yours

    I have a brand new computer fr Dell 4gb memeory-500gb hard drive programed this viper fr hsn few months ago, now it's slower than my oldest laptop. Yes, it will give you good start & just fine but few days later you can feel the defects it will brought to your system.