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HEAL Clinics | Diabetes and Weight Loss - Putting type-2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity into remission through a clinically-tested low-carbohydrate program developed by Dr. Eric Westman.

  • http://healclinics.com/about/ HEAL Clinics | About Us - Using an evidence-based, medically supervised, Low-Carb protocol to put type-2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, & obesity into remission.
  • http://healclinics.com/healcare HEALcare™ Low-Carb Plan | HEAL Clinics - A clinically-tested low-carb plan from Dr. Eric Westman for diabetes control and weight loss without medications, and no calorie-counting or hunger.
  • http://healclinics.com/articles/ HEAL Clinics | Articles - Articles about treating diabetes and losing weight, recipes, and other information shared by Eric Westman MD, Jacqueline Eberstein RN, and Dana Carpender.
  • http://healclinics.com/disclaimer/ Disclaimer | HEAL Clinics - The information presented on this site is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical treatment.

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    After hearing about Milorganite last year, we have had one of the best lawns in the neighborhood. I do not follow directions, measure, or time things well, so this fertilizer is perfect. It adds organic material and is idiot proof. I use a handheld broadcast spreader and apply Milorganite 5 times a year and have an incredible lawn. There are no strict rules to follow and no worries about burning the lawn or over fertilizing. Works great for everything else in the yard too.

  • shadowgaurdian - Natural :)

    this is the first weight loss pill that every ingredients is from leafs and roots and plants. it has dolichos biflorus seed extract, piper betle leaf extract, decafe green coffee bean extract, siberian rhodiola rosea root, bioperine (black pepper fruit extract), and the capsules are vegetarian.

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    As someone who took the PCAT without taking anatomy or organic chemistry, I was looking for a way to be exposed to these topics. This book was extremely helpful and I felt more than ready for the test. After receiving my scores I was extremely pleased and recommend this book to anyone who wants a solid review before the test.