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  • kimk - Great price but painful shoes

    I've been determined to wear these because I spent the money on them in June 2015. However, it's been a year and they never got better - the shoes made my feet hurt SO much. I'm not sure if it's the arch support, the structure of the shoe, width or sizing... there's something off with these shoes. I had to stop during workouts because my feet would ache so badly - the soles of my feet would burn and feel prickly. Will be getting rid if these as soon as possible.

  • Charles P. Beshaw - UNSANITARY

    I did not buy mine from Amazon. As a member of BJ's wholesale I only paid $149. Had high hopes That I could have a high powered blender for so little. Loved the single serve blender jars. The main blender made peanut butter faster then a 3.5 horsepower commercial blender that I replaced this Ninja with. It would have been a keeper except for one huge problem. The large main blender jar can not be completely cleaned. Where the blade drive is attached at the bottom of jar, food becomes trapped between the clear plastic jar and the black plastic of the drive. I tried soaking, using a tooth brush, water spray, I could not get all the food cleaned out! we all know that this remaining food would eventually contaminate future foods, possibly causing food poisoning. I would not take that chance with my family's health. It went back to BJ's who readily refunded my money. Since the blade drive can not be removed for cleaning, Ninja should have made these parts much tighter fitting. The Waring commercial blender that I did purchase from Amazon does not have this problem. The blade drive fits very tightly and can be cleaned completely.

  • Patrick Coakley - BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! Quick Books 2010 Defective

    BUYER BEWARE !!!! Quickbooks charges you ($79)from day one to support the product. The first time I went to use the product it failed. I called support over in the Phiippines and before they would look at the problem they need $79 dollars. Now mind you this is a problem on day one. I then called the corporate office, and talked to Terry and she confirmed NO $ MONEY NO FIX!! I explained again this glich is in their product on day one. I asked to talk to her manager and she responded she was the end of the line in the complaint department. I asked to have Brad Smith whom she said was the president to call me back and she said he will not talk to customers. That leaves the customer knowing that he doesn't care about customers or that there are too many complains to answer. Is Amazon ok with selling products that the vendors will not back? Check it out for yourself call Intuit Quick @ 650-944-6000 and ask for Brad Smith.