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  • Sarah B - Pepper mill, no twisting required

    My husband has poor range of motion in both wrists due to old injuries, so I'm always on the lookout for kitchen items that don't involve twisting actions to use (like a standard pepper mill). This has been great. There's nothing like freshly ground pepper to add interest to a meal. This holds a good amount of peppercorn and it is very easy to dispense. This would make a great house-warming or holiday gift. I received this product at a discount but I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received ZERO compensation.

  • Lisa - Very nourishing oil!

    I received this product so that my significant other could use it. He doesn't have a lot of facial hair and doesn't grow it very long but he has very sensitive skin and is not immune to ingrown hairs and other issues that can result from using products with any ingredients that are not natural. This product really has such a nice list of ingredients there really is no reason a person couldn't use it as a moisturizer for the face or anywhere else. This oil seemed to help right away with a few of the superficial ingrown hairs because it seemed to help with the dry dead skin that sits on top of all of our skin and traps pores along with hairs deep inside. It also seemed to help heal the dry patches of skin around the few spots of adult acne he has for the same reason stated above. His facial hair isn't long enough to need much of any help but it did seem to moisturize the hair and keep it in place and more tame looking without much work on his part.

  • KristinaK - Good starter kit!

    I'm a newbie at home manicures and found this pretty straight forward to use. My nails look great and they cured immediately.

  • Amazon Customer - No good for my needs!

    It does charge, however it won't charge when your outdoor & temperature is hot!!! I work outdoors & needed this to charge my phone being I use the gps on my phone for work purposes. No good! It's also slippery when handling it 😣

  • Violet Nebula - Fun, quality toys at a good price.

    It's a good quality toy for the price. The motor in the bulldozer works fine and the truck makes noises like it's supposed to. My six year old loves it.

  • garrett bracken - The antenna I received was very simple to install. ...

    The antenna I received was very simple to install. However it was completely nonfunctional. I could only pick up 3 radio stations and even then they were unclear.  I unscrewed the stubby with the radio on, and I still had the same reception with no antenna at all. With my stock antenna I can get dozens more stations. I don't know if it's just a mishap on my specific product that I received or if it's just the overall quality of the stubby brand in general. But I will definitely he returning this as it serves no purpose other than a hood ornament.