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Hefferon Heating & Cooling Company | Danbury, Connecticut - Hefferon Heating & Cooling is a Fairfield County, Connecticut favorite, bringing comfort and care to local homes and businesses.

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  • vtrouble - A perfect, versitile product

    I got mine for my iPhone 6s. I have had it on almost a week now; and see or foresee no issues with it. The seller wrote me almost immediately after the purchase and wanted to thank me and give me a link to a youtube video that explains exactly how to install their screen. This was helpful. Not that I didn't already know how, but each one of these is a little different. This is by FAR the easiest screen protector I have ever installed, and did it flawlessly the first time. The screen protector itself is fantastic. The cutouts are perfect. They even allow a few millimeters less on the edges so that it will fit ANY protective or designer case you choose to pair it with. This is the fourth glass screen protector I have had, as I change mine every so often, and it is as good or better than anything else on the market.....even the more expensive ones. I also change cases pretty regularly just to keep it fresh, and this works with silicones, ballistics, otter boxes, etc... I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend to anybody.

  • Marceluwool - Deception...

    It's funny the first times you play it, then one day you discover you don't need to actually DANCE, you just have to move your right hand, which is the ONLY part of your body that is tracked by Kinect in this game.

  • DebJ - Best roach spray

    Best roach spray! It gets into all the crack and crevices, I spray all around the outside of my house a couple of times a year and the day after I see dead roaches everywhere. Well worth the price!

  • RPlayground - Wow!

    It’s always strange walking through the neighborhood, as a guy, with a huge pink unicorn float… Unless, of course, you are a father of two little girls. So they love unicorns and they love this float. They can actually both fit on this in the pool, and it’s literally the best thing I could ever have purchased for them for pool gear. So much majesty!

  • Amazon Customer - this is a great reference. It breaks up the monotony of using ...

    For those who do many performance appraisals, this is a great reference. It breaks up the monotony of using common phrases and allows me to more easily find the words I need to give effective and meaningful feedback, without sounding like a broken record.

  • B&Y Biz - I like that this product is called bang because you truly ...

    I like that this product is called bang because you truly get a big bang for your buck. My eyebrows have been pretty sparse because of over plucking in the past. Now that thicker eyebrows are trendy, I wanted to grow out my eyebrows. This formula is an organic formula that contains Argan Oil, castor oil and peptides. From some of the research that I have done, I know that castor oil has definitely been an ingredient that is natural and helps hair growth. I have seen growth in areas of my eyebrows where I haven't seen in a long time. I'm not sure why it is that we just lose the ability to grow hair in the places that we tend to pluck over and over again. However, I am happy that this growth serum is helping me achieve bigger Bolder looking eyebrows. I definitely recommend it. I am going to also try it on the Baseline of my lashes to see if my lashes will grow longer and thicker. I bought this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.