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  • Betty Boop - Fit well, easily stained

    Fit my GE range perfectly, I wish they would make non stick drip pans however, they get stained easily and don't clean well. I replace them way too often as I like nice shiny clean drip pans, not ones that have some sort of staining (not burnt on stains either as I clean them after every meal cooked) that will not come off with stainless steel, sponges, magic erasers, cleansers, grease cutters or oven cleaner etc. Going to get the disposable inserts for them from now on.

  • Lee A. Bartholomew - For those who dislike VCI Entertainment....

    It's not VCI.!!!!! VCI has a stranglehold on this movie and not for the better. And the feel of this Canadian release feel as in looks. :P like it should be sitting next to the books with it's off green color hue. and no Fake color anywhere. I had the misfortune several years ago sending in one of their dvds that wouldn't work (dvd rot? it does exist) Naturally they sent it back in the case lose !!! scratched to hell. No way I'd be ever able to play that again even with skip doctor. if Echo Bridge can spit out so so movies good. But VCI can also spit out bad disks too. :( Then sent me the b/w disc of a 2 disc set . But thats the last time I'll buy from them.