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  • Book Lovin' Momma - Liam and Elle, loved them!

    Different twist here, where the stepdad actually wants the H to get the girl! Liam also he knows he wants Elizabeth (Elle) even though he doesn't feel he deserves her, and even though he knows way more about her than she does about him. When Elizabeth's stepdad Richard dies and the will is read, everyone is shocked, and here's where things get interesting. They go through a lot of heartache and drama before things take a turn for the better. In between there are some humorous moments, angsty ones, and definitely some off the charts hot moments too. Loved the ending and their path to get there. And Liam - I'd love to be there to help him see his true worth!!!

  • Michael - Like it.

    Definitely needs to be longer. When did comics become so short? Work it Mark! Oh, and thanks. Lol! Archie and Riverdale needed updating to the 21st century.

  • samuel farrell - great product.

    catches everything it says it does.used it for 3 years now and it really does it's job. i buy it every year and will continue.

  • Amazon Customer - STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT. It will not even install, and the developer will not help. After I sent them a photo copy of my non-installing disk, they sent me a link to the "fixed version" for MS Windows 7. Needless to say, that link didn't work either. They appear to have based this on .net and SQL that conflicts with the real versions on my computer. Never makes it past that point. I see someone else said it is made by a company in China. That probably explains it. Maybe they are using pirated copies of MS products to develop. I have the 2012 version that seems to be the last version that works fine. I will never buy again. Amazon should remove this product from its offerings.

  • Lisette Baxter - Warning:do NOT wear this tshirt in Australia!!!

    Seeing that it was mostly men who were extolling the praises of this t-shirt,I wanted to do my bit for womankind and see if its benefits were transferable to those of us of the female persuasion.Alas,I was to regret this decision.

  • Betsy - Great as a second stroller for NYC moms.... Feeling so fly in my GLite

    We love the Uppa Baby G Lite!! I have a bugaboo that we call the cruiser and we do still use it occasionally, when we are "cruising" but we grab this one more often. We were in need of a stroller that my husband could carry down our 6 flights of stairs with the baby in tow and it works great for that. Also maneuvering the subways works like a charm. The shoulder strap is key and also the fact that it stands by itself so it isn't on the dirty streets while you are finagling with baby. Only three complaints. Wish it reclined! It's fairly upright, I know the other Uppa baby does but it also is heavier. Having another strap so it was more like a back pack when carrying would be great. The sunshade is pretty worthless. I ideally put a hat on her because it doesn't seem to keep the sun out of her eyes.

  • Amazon Customer - Promised much. Delivered little

    Cory Bernadi is a giant of a fish in the tiny pond we call Australia. He is single-handedly responsible for numerous Australian achievements, from the stump-jump plough and Hill's hoist (mistakenly named after a neighbour) to the recent 5-0 defeat of England in the Ashes test series.