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  • honeybobobear - MAN O MAN LET ME TELL YOU HWHAT

    Well I hope amazon doesnt flag this because it will be the best review yet. So I bought this solely to get rid of my hair downstairs... Im a male and I cannot stand the thought of shaving with a razor or electric shaver down there. It is way to scary and im kind of squeamish and clumsy so one nick and I could be sterile or worse... Anyways i used it from the neck down to the gooch and waited about 10 minutes... Started rubbing off and boy it smells like burnt plastic and hair. So i figured it was working and sure enough hairballs start hitting me in the face. You have to watch out because I had a few problem areas that i reapplied and that was a terrible mistake. Im guessing sinse the area was already sensitive that the formula, which is very volatile already, burned like wild fire. I waited only a bit the second time because i felt I could possibly internally combust at any second. Hopped in the shower with cold water and still had a razor burn feeling for the rest of the night. Lotioned up to try and soothe the skin with little help. Im still dealing with what seems to be razor bumps but they are going away after a week. It only burned that one day and i think with the way i used it, i shot myself in the foot. Try to be as gentle as possible when rubbing it off and id wait 12-15 minutes to make sure the hair comes off easily... Lots of warnings if you have sensitive skin and it says not to use it like i did but hey I GOT BABY SMOOTH SKIN DOWN THERE AND ALL THE WOMEN IN MY DREAMS LOVE IT... I Give it 5 stars because man I would do it a hundred times over instead of putting one of those pecker scrapers down there.

  • Black_Unicorn - Perverts of the world, FEEL UP!!!

    What screams "I love you" like a toy that helps a child grow and develop into a latex-glove toting groper of random people? The answer, obviously, is nothing. In this present economy, people need the tools necessary to make a living, and while some might muse over the irony of outlawing prostitution while paying a regular salary for people to get to 3rd base (or even home plate if an opt-out at the airport moves to a private search room) with random tax payers, Playmobile toys sees it the way the rest of us ought to and has presented a fun, durable and educational model for waging America's continuing war with the 4th Amendment. Like the real thing, you won't find any warrants necessary in the process of showing your son or daughter the ropes on how to adapt their techniques, nor any pesky lawyers to get in the way of copping that feel necessary to keep the terrorists on the run.

  • R. Tsutsumi - good control

    this product surpasses others that I've tried for treatment of nail fungus. No more expensive and long lasting. I can trim my toenails now with no problem; leaves the nails softer and manageable. A very good product.

  • Pen Name - Wish that the seat didn't lean so far back, ...

    Wish that the seat didn't lean so far back, or could come up to sit closer... my little one fights the straps to get his snacking. ..

  • Ian C. - Maybe a bit of a fanboy, but...

    I will admit, after being a Gaga fan since her first album, I wasn't super-psyched after hearing "Perfect Illusion" for the first time. However, after listening to this entire album, I love all of it (literally, every last second).

  • Huntered67 - you get what you pay for

    Got the set to use on some basic car maintenence, one of the sockets broke in under 5 minutes. One of the walls of hex inside the socket failed and cracked so that it just flexes open any time you try to use it.