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  • Lisa - To the medical professional

    I really want to reply to the "medical professional" who did his own experiment. When he found significantly more bacterial growth on the Norwex cloth vs. A regular wash cloth. His finding were obviously not peer reviewed as a person with a BS I can see the the Norwex would have more bacteria growth as it picks us more bacteria! That's what it is spades to do. There for the Norwex cloths ARE Doing what they are supposed to ñ that is pick up gems!

  • Sean - I have used this for years.

    I have been using this product for about 15 years. I manage about 7 vehicles for family and friends and they are all over 100,000 mile vehicles. I have never had a major internal engine problem that I would relate to oil quality. I use standard conventional oil and one quart of Lucas with every oil change. I have ran several of my vehicles to over 200,000 miles. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Dana - Best floss out there

    I am a dental hygienist and believe it or not I too HATE to floss. I decided to give this a try and I love it! You can see and feel the bacteria/plaque being removed when using this floss. It doesn't just slip around like waxed floss does it actually cleans the interproximal spaces really well. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to my patients.

  • Melissa - Holy Crap! I WANT TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN!

    I've only been taking this for a week, and I must say it gives me so much energy. I am literally running from machine to machine at the gym. Cardio is no longer my enemy with these little blue babies! I do strength training and cardio 4-6 times a week along with a 1400 restricted calorie diet. I'm hoping these will help with weight loss, I will update this post with pictures when I finish my bottle.

  • Elizabeth A. Borst - An Old Favorite

    I alternate with other shampoos as they say you should so the hair doesn't become so used to one it stops working. I always go back to Awapuhi. My hair is fine and dry. Awapuhi imparts moisture but never wieghs it down. It actually leaves my blond hair shiny and almost fluffy (like a child's not like a poodle's) but not frizzy. It's gentle but gets it clean, clean, clean in one softly lathering application. There is nothing detergently about it and it feels different than other shampoos, almost like a rich gel. It rinses out easily and can wash the body as well. I don't have a great head of hair but at least with this shampoo it behaves itself. The only other shampoo that measures up is Keratase but it is expensive and the little bottle doesn't go a long way. Keratase has a formula which strenthens the hair with a creamy lather and a great hair mask which I use now to give my hair a break. But the one I always return to is Awapuhi, my old favorite.

  • Dale Boschetto - not a good fit for kindle

    The maps are not usable as I could not expand them. Finding reference material took too much time. Not a good fit as too hard to read in daylight.

  • Sampaige - One thing I hate about supplements is how freaking huge the capsules are

    Nootropics are something that have always fascinated me, I've used quite a few different ones and I've always wanted to try Alpha GPC when I was given the chance to review this product I was really excited. It arrived sealed in tamper evident packaging. One thing I hate about supplements is how freaking huge the capsules are, with the Alpha GPC the they weren't too big and easy to swallow. I took one mid day at work and within an hour I was noticing the effects, the mental clarity it was great I was able to focus on my work and get allot done.