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  • Lana Phan - Love this thing.

    Besides the disadvantage of having to bust out my vacuum cleaner everytime I need to use this thing, I have no complaint. it sucked out plenty of snots from my 3.5mo old daughter and she didn't even blink. I even tried it on myself and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. The only thing is for adult you might want to watch how much mucous is pulled out because it may be too much for the little container to handle, and it'll be sucked into the vacuum.

  • James Stufano - No Call Forwarding

    I have just learned that even though Magic Jack has on their website that you can do call forwarding, I just learned they don't. This was the answer I received when I used their chat service. They also make it sound like you can just transfer your current number, but what is hidden is they charge an additional $19.95 for the 1st year and 9.95 each other year to keep your number.

  • Martha Garcia - Counterfeit

    I also believe this is a counterfeit product. I received a sample in my birch box and it left my hair perfect. After using this product for a few weeks I can tell that this is not the same product.

  • Chandra S. West - works great

    I'm really happy with this. Does exactly what it says. Leaves hair soft and flowing (not stiff) with nice height and volume. The scent is fine too.