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  • BethanyD - True to claims, so far

    I was looking for a vacuum that would switch easily from carpet to hard wood and one that could handle a large amount of pet hair. This vacuum does both wonderfully! You can switch the roller brush off with the push of a button when you want to clean hard floors. It's suction is very powerful and doesn't blow back any dust. I vacuumed my carpets with my old bissel, then used the shark for the first time. I filled my dust cup up full with dog hair! Here's a breakdown of pros and cons

  • Tbar918 - Not for critical listening

    This album is one of the greatest, ever. That goes without saying. What probably does NOT go without saying is that there is some shoddy work going into "remastering" efforts these days. Even casual listeners may wonder why tape hiss wasn't removed from this recording, but what really bugs me is that there is audible clipping (distortion) at several of the louder points. Absolutely ridiculous. I heard it through my expen$ive home studio monitors AND through my expensive headphones. Just to be sure what I was hearing wasn't a bug in MY system, I spoke to a friend several states away who purchased this, and he had the same experience.


    I read the reviews and decided to buy this because I thought I could make it work. I registered the checks, I registered by bank account and verified it, even after doing all that this is worthless, I set up to print from Quickbooks and all I get is errors and the link which Versacheck gives you on the error screen for technical support does not work, Even their own link to help you does not work with that need I say more? DO NOT BUY, They take your personal bank information, you have to verify your account through the internet every time you need to print a check so if you have no internet this is useless. They sell you the software, after that if you do not buy their checks this is useless, so are they a software company or paper shop? They need to make up their mind.

  • Amazon Customer - 100% satisfied

    Excellent service, within one hour the code and card image were delivered. Two minutes later I finally have a Mew in my possession! I fully recommend for anyone else who missed the event or whose local shop ran out of cards.

  • Douglas F. Pendleton II - To much work for one drink.

    I could tell a difference but not worth the time to run through machine and the have to clean the machine.

  • A music fan - Unbelievably sensuous and haunting...terrific silky grooves!

    Definitely one of the landmark albums of the 1990's, "Blue Lines" is a major achievement transcending r and b into a whole other dimension. "Unfinished Sympathy" is, to me, the highlight of this superb album...gorgeous vocals...otherworldly music...a flawless song. Along with other songs on the album, especially "Safe From Harm", "One Love", and "Blue Lines", this album is a one of a kind...I haven't heard much music similar to this style...and I like them like this...Massive Attack stands out in an industry filled with manufactured pop...this is a breath of fresh air...