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  • Welcome to Poison Ivy - Welcome to, your on-line resource for all things poison ivy! This website has been developed to help those identify what poison ivy is and how to avoid it. It describes what poison ivy is and why poison ivy should be avoided. Here, you will find plenty of information of what to do if poison ivy can't be avoided. Most of our visitors come here to determine how you can treat poison ivy and there is plenty of information here regarding that! Many others come here to see pictures of what a poison ivy rash looks like.
  • Poison Ivy Articles - This page contains links to a variety of articles written about poison ivy. You will find poison ivy articles relating to poison ivy treatment, poison ivy identification, poison ivy symptoms, poison ivy pictures and poison ivy articles also relating to itchy skin, itchy skin remedies and other poison ivy related topics.
  • Poison Ivy Pictures - This page has been developed to share a variety of pictures related to poison ivy. As can be seen below, the first set of pictures related to poison ivy in the wild. These pictures are beneficial to study, in order to become aware of exactly what it looks like, so that you can avoid it. Not everybody was a boy or girl scout and not everybody realizes the may have it growing in their own yard or neighborhood where they spend time. The second set of photographs presents pictures of poison ivy rash. Let me warn you, some of these pictures are not pretty, but are necessary to educate the masses of what exposure to the nasty plant can actually do to some people.
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  • How To Treat Poison Ivy - Poison Ivy, Toxicodendron radicans, is a plant that grows in North America that causes a skin rash in most people who come in contact with poison ivy. If you do come into contact with it and exhibit a rash, this article is a great place to learn how to treat poison ivy to help you out.
  • What Everyone Should Know About Poison Ivy Rash - Anyone who grew up in the eastern United States or Canada will undoubtedly have several colorful stories to tell about toxicodendron radicans, otherwise known as poison ivy or poison ivy rash. This poisonous North American plant is a small and unobtrusive green leafy shrub or vine that would probably go completely unnoticed, except for its dramatic effect on humans. While some people are naturally immune, most of us will develop a painful itchy rash whenever bare skin comes into contact with this plant.
  • Thirteen Effective Poison Ivy Treatments - Contact with poison ivy is extremely common if you are camping or engaging in other outdoor activities. Poison ivy's danger does not come from its leaves, but rather a colourless oil that it emits called urushiol. When it contacts with the skin, it can lead to a rash, inflammation, and several other more severe symptoms. While some may have a rash that only lasts a few hours, others may have severe blisters that lasts for several days. Listed here are some basic steps for treating poison ivy.
  • How To Treat Itchy Skin - If you suffer from itchy skin, you know how frustrating it can be to alleviate the itch and get the relief you deserve. Itchy, irritated skin can be caused by a variety of problems. Once you identify what is triggering the itch, you can work to eliminate it or at least reduce your exposure to the irritant.
  • What is Itchy Skin - Itchy skin, also known medically as pruritus, is an annoying sensation which causes the urge to scratch. In most cases, the itchy skin area features redness, rough skin or bumps. However, sometimes the itchy skin can appear normal, but the person may still experience itching sensation. Itchy skin can be caused by various factors; some very harmful, such as kidney problems or psoriasis, and some relatively harmless, like a simple rash.

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