Bert Feddema - A product of science and technology - "A product of science and technology" I graduated in 1993 from the Minerva art School in Groningen. After graduation I became fascinated by science and by the world of multinationals. Since, I have developed and founded m

  • Bert Feddema - cv - PERSONALIANaam        Bert FeddemaGeb. Datum  06-12-1966Adres       Orteliusstraat 311 hsPostcode   
  • Bert Feddema - Look (at) inside me. - Since I''m sick I personally experiencing the science and art of the flesh itself. I am scanned, photographed inside and my body is decompose in numbers and values. These numbers have beauty of themselves. They are beautiful and very distant.

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    City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Renee G. Mcgee - understanding

    This book makes it easy to understand the steps to CPT coding and ICD9CM coding. The exercises at the end of each section helps to reinforce the instructions of coding

  • Amanda - I love this stuff!

    I love this stuff! I just ordered another one. My teeth feel so clean and look much brighter. I use this every morning, no questions asked. I noticed that if I don't use it, my teeth just don't feel as clean throughout the day anymore. What's great is that I have sensitive teeth and I can't use a lot of whiteners. This product has allowed for a brighter smile and cleaner feeling teeth without the pain!

  • Bibi Ishmael - Not the best

    Only two Adhaan to choose from an those were not the best. The good one has the fajr line in it. For me I mostly use this app to remind me of the daily prayers. Other features is not so bad. You can check the names and attributes of Allah quickly. The compass ones not work on my Kindle Fire HD