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  • amber keown - works great on all dogs who shed

    works great on all dogs who shed. that being said this does not really work on a cocker spaniel. for those that do not know cocker spaniels tend to shed minimally and more so need hair cuts . works on long and short coats equally . from the chihuahua to the german shepherd this product effectively remove undercoat and loose hair .

  • Ennay - The best for diaper AND excema/psoriasis

    I got it originally for stubborn diaper rash...1 treatment and it would be gone. Then my daughter started getting psoriasis or excema and non of the standard treatments worked, she had painfully itchy rash on her legs and feet - scaly dry skin. Aquaphor only helped a little and it was messy - I tried the triple paste and immediate improvement and best of all if I put it on her before bed, it absorbs over night and I dont have to put it on during the day

  • lindsey - Oh my freaking loved it!

    So I have been waiting oh so patiently for this new book of R.S. Gray's to come out... So I opened it last night around 11:30 thinking I will read just a few chapters before I go to bed... well Mrs. Gray snared me, and I finished roughly before 5:30 this am. Every hour I would check the time, and in my head I would say "just a little more". It was classic R.S. Gray with the funny, more funny, steamy times, some serious, and then left me with a smile! I loved every single bit of it, and cannot wait for another read from Mrs. Gray!