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  • Frederick H. King - Like hanging out with old friends!

    "An Obvious Fact" I'd another great addition to the "Longmire" storyline. Walt and Henry are like old friends coming to visit; I can hear Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips talking as I read! And we finally get to meet Lola!!! The only bad thing about it was I finished it too quickly!

  • Snap, Crackle and Pop - Family Tree Maker is a useful tool, and a companion to a very useful website

    THE QUICK TAKE: Family Tree Maker 2012 is useful as a tool to organize and collect your information and related media (photos, documents, stories) about your family history. However, the really powerful tool is Ancestry should help you greatly expand what you know, not just organize what you know. FTM 2012 Deluxe includes a three month membership to, so if you use it well you can get a lot of value from this package.

  • annalise russell - ***##DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!##****

    DO NOT! I SERIOUSLY MEAN DO NOY BUY THIS PRODUCT! My pups are in the process of trying to grow their fur back in the area of the collar because of this product. It caused SEVERE rashes under their necks and loss of hair there too. I'm just hoping the crashing doesn't get serious because its a vet trip I don't want to have to do.

  • Michael - Great study aid

    My neighbor actually took this test some time ago. What he told me was that with some studying, this test is not hard. I had him actually glance over this book to see what he thought. He said he would have used it to study. He liked the content, and the way things are organized. He said it did portray the test accurately. I got the opportunity to get this product in exchange for my review. Going into this, I knew little about this test, but I figured it was worth getting since I need a part time backup plan and it seems like schools always need bus drivers. Glancing over this book, I feel relieved that with some time and effort, the test appears simple enough to pass with this book at my side.

  • Azam A. Khan - I do use about five drops instead of the recommended 'one drop' mainly because one drop doesn't really seem ...

    I have gradually been losing hair for about ten years now. I have tried a large variety of herbal and pharmaceutical products to correct the issue but they all seemed to just slow down the hair loss process but not reverse it. The Exalt, however is astonishing !! I have used it now for about 2 months on a daily basis and ACTUALLY have new hair growing in areas which had become shiny bald patches. I do use about five drops instead of the recommended 'one drop' mainly because one drop doesn't really seem to spread out to all the affected scalp. I precede the application with washing the hair with an invigorating shampoo such as the Saw Palmetto Cayenne shampoo and other mint / menthol infused shampoos. I am unreservedly thrilled with the Exalt product and will continue using it now. I will post a further update on the progress in a few month. Very highly recommended for men with pattern baldness or fast thinning hair.

  • A Rescue from Retail - I love these tops!

    This is the fourth Ninedaily shirt that I have ordered this month! It is safe to say that I've found one of my new favorite lines of clothes, and I'm in the process of slowly building my fall wardrobe.