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  • GardenSirens - The New and Improved Lady Gaga!!

    Lady Gaga's albums have been either hot or cold. Artpop was a perfect example. While a few songs stand out, the album misses all together. So with this follow up, I was half worried and half excited. She did an amazing job with Tony Bennett and his album and just absolutely destroyed and created new levels of awesome with the Sound of Music tribute at the Oscars. She took what she learned from Bennett....that you can be a straight musician and shine that way without the stage antics, and applied that to this album. Joanne isn't a showy album. There isn't much on this album to pump out at the club. But what there is, instead, is a full album of soul. I feel the emotions behind these songs. I feel the music connecting to my soul. It's too soon for me to call this her best album, but I'll be damned if it isn't up there. Joanne delivers!

  • Norma McL - No pain, no gain

    I upped my dosage and have had to pull back some; I recognize the Herxheimer effect when I see it, and I need to be less eager to increase the dosage. That isn't bad news; it's just the way things go when your body is evacuating the bad stuff that you're taking serrapeptase to rid yourself of. I've pulled back from three tablets once or twice a day to one twice a day.

  • Rosanne Hughes - TERRIBLE!!!

    I once had a PC and used Hallmark card studio very successfully. I then purchased both a Mac laptop and Hallmard card studio for Mac.

  • Dan Greenwald - Fun, Innovative Approach to the ACT

    As a test prep tutor, I recommend this book to my students without hesitation. Arp and coauthors have put together a fun and accessible read that stands in sharp contrast to the boredom induced by a Princeton Review or Kaplan tome. The book includes general testing strategies and thorough review of the relevant academic topics, as well more detailed material on the nuances of the ACT test format. Helpful chapters on organization, planning, and stress management round out an excellent test prep resource.

  • Rebecca King - Don't Waste Your Money!!

    There's not much in this world I love more than Ghostbusters, so, as a die-hard fan, I HAD to own a copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide. I read the poor reviews, and I shrugged them off. I wanted this book on my nightstand! Am I ever kicking myself now! The text is sometimes barely comprehensible. The font on the cover is blurry and pixilated. It just looks like some schmuck with a tenuous grasp of the English language slapped this together in his basement on a crappy printer. I will be returning mine and chalking this one up as a lesson learned!

  • Amazon Customer - Listen to music underwater!great for the money!

    waterproof bluetooth headphone?sure !!!I have to say, it isn't the best sound quality, but it allows you to listen to music underwater. It sounds better under water than it does out of water but still good enough to listen to if you went running or working out.Well worth the $30 bucks I spent on it here.