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  • Shawny - Very pleased... but not 100% sure yet.

    Just got this stroller the other day- I LOVE how it manuevers (very smooth). I love that the wheels are a bit larger and not hard plastic- which makes for a less bumpy ride. The size is as expected, roomy and larger than a 'umbrella stroller' but still on the lighter side for a fuller size stroller. The basket is Ok- it's not as big as I'd like, but limited space due to the umbrella fold (which, isn't my fav fold, but saves on space). I love that you can push the seat up without a pully system (those are frustrating). I love the belly bar... and I do like how much coverage the canapy gives- but it seems to come down lower than pictured? Maybe it's the angle- but when my LO is in the seat and I pull the canapy all the way down, it's right in her face (which she can just grab at to move). So that part is a bit odd- so we'll see how it works in time (?)

  • A. Jimenez - Natural shine!!

    This item was introduced to me about 2yrs ago from my hair stylist and I fell in love with this product and it smells wonderful. It makes your hair look alive with a natural shine, it dosent even weigh your hair down. I dont wash my hair for about 3 days and my hair smells good and looks good, I crul my hair and this keeps my curls in without hairspray. Luv it!!!

  • Lisa - All kinds of sexiness in Italy!

    YESSSSSS!!! Guys, R.S. Grey is now OFFICIALLY an auto-buy author for me!!! I’ve read her last few books when they released, and I loved every. single. one. of. them! Major score!!! I love finding authors that somehow totally get me and know how to write what I like to read. R.S. Grey, well, she TOTALLY gets me. :)

  • gripper - Three across the backseat fit perfectly!

    I have a Volvo XC70 and three small grandchildren. I owned Two Britax convertible carseats and one Britax infant carseat that just fit across the back seat. Now with the youngest graduating from his infant seat, getting three convertible carseats across the back seat was a challenge. I could not get another Britax convertible to fit with the two other carseats.After researching other carseats I found the Clek Fllo. It is smaller in width 16.9 " compared to other seats that are 19". I am able to get three of the Clek Fllo comfortably across the back seat. Even with the middle one rear facing. Very nice well made seats and easy to install. I wasn't sure I wanted to put out more money for three of these seats but I am glad I did. Well worth the money and much cheaper than having to buy a bigger vehicle. Probably the last carseats I will ever have to buy.

  • mommys4 - Mother of 4- & I LOVE this simple device!!

    This simple device has saved me (and my small children) the agony of using a bulb syringe when they were congested. My kids were are small to blow their noses effectively, if at all and this baby-vac allowed me to remove the excess mucus in seconds. AMAZING!!

  • Carrie Calabrese - Summon A Demon for cheap!

    Product as described. Summon demons.. talk to them? Sound like a fun night for your home? Then quick, press Add To Cart button now. Bring your board anywhere you require a quick seance. You could even become a Professional Seance Technician and quit that job down at the grocery store!