Imres Medical Solutions - Imres Medical wholesale organization - Imres is a medical wholesale organization providing high quality medical solutions to UN organizations, NGOs, MOHs, Institutional organizations and many clients in the private sector.

  • Imres Medical Solutions - Product range - The Imres product range is very extensive and as the years passed we have been able to identify the best and most reliable suppliers for each of our products. With our broad range we can usually cater every need of our customers. Keeping our range up to date by continuously sourcing new products and suppliers. Products are divided into the following categories:
  • Imres Medical Solutions - Kits - Imres can offer solutions for all sorts of kits in the international relief market. For many years and on a continuous basis we cater large complex kits, such as the IEHK 2006 or UNFPA's reproductive health kit, as well as small kits, e.g. Injectable contraceptive kit.
  • Imres Medical Solutions - Pharmaceuticals - The product range of Imres is very extensive, what is more important we are able to provide solutions for small and large medical projects.
  • Imres Medical Solutions - Facilities - Although we have several subsidiaries worldwide, our main warehouse is located in Lelystad, The Netherlands. The Imres warehouse applies to the latest GDP requirements. In order to safeguard the quality of pharmaceuticals and other goods our warehouse is fully climatized. For keep cool items we have an inhouse storage facilitiy where the temperature is kept between the 2o C and 80 C.
  • Imres Medical Solutions - Product registration - Imres participates in a wide variety of tenders and we have seen that through the years it has become more regular that the products, mostly pharmaceuticals, won in a tender need to be registered in the destination country.
  • Imres Medical Solutions - Logistics - Imres logistics are all about accuracy and efficiency in compliance to GDP principles.
  • Imres Medical Solutions - Quality - When dealing with human health by delivering pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, disposables and hospital furniture, like Imres does, it is important to rank quality, reliability and efficacy of products and services as the first priority.

    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

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