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Country:, North America, US

City: -80.18 Florida, United States

  • Maulan Byron - Great flavor

    This tea is very tasty but without and extra caffeine. I have tired it before going to bed and have felt very relaxed after drinking at cup or two.

  • Randall W. Rasner - Only issues are no trigger lock and steaming in corners.

    I also wish, like others have mentioned, that the trigger had a locking mechanism so one didn't have to engage it manually all the time. I have everything hardwood except for a tiled bathroom and that makes for a lot of trigger pulling time. It does a pretty good job but seems to dull the shine on the floor unless you use a cleaner supplement. It's awkward to do corners with the steam portion but I feel like my floors are clean when I am done. If I could afford one, I would get a robotic cleaner to do the work while I was away. This would get the 5 stars if it weren't for the trigger and the awkward cornering for steam cleaning.

  • LISA - Lovin this Cute but Power full Lantern and Flashlight

    I have a larger one that I use for power outages. But this compact one is super cute and can beam when it expands open and from the bottom flashlight simultaneously or separately. It really packs a punch for its size. I have decided to keep it right on my desk because it does not take up a lot of space. In South Florida we get a lot of power outages without any warning so I have to scramble for a flashlight. Having a Lantern sitting on my desk is very convenient and practical. I was also able to move the handle to the top quite easily.

  • James Wellman - I'm happy with it!

    I'm happy with the performance. It has its strong points. Picks up some colors better than my GoPro hero 3 black.

  • A.J.M. - Really feel like this was a total waste of money

    This did nothing for me. Really feel like this was a total waste of money. I used them because a friend of mine sells them and figured why not give them a try. (Cannot bash it til you try it, right?) I would not waste the money on this ever again.

  • Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos - THESE STRIPS ARE HORRIBLE!!

    If you want to pay the same as before but have them take away the space equivalent to two of your bottom teeth, go for it.