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  • SParfitt13 - A supplement that didn't affect my diabetes

    I first tried Garcinia Cambogia a few months ago. Of course, I was skeptical given the number of weight loss supplements on the market. I was also concerned in taking it given the fact that I am diabetic and supplements for weight loss often give diabetics trouble. I took this supplement for a week, and then weighed myself. It was surprising to see a 5-pound loss in the first week! Maintaining the same regimen, a controlled diet, this supplement and a 1 mile walk everyday, the weight came off and I felt good! There were no feelings of hunger between meals and my appetite lessened.

  • Sherry Sego - Very nice item

    It is a very nice product. It was as described and very well packaged. Great price. Would recommend to others.

  • jeremysgirl82 - Highly Recommend!

    This diaper cream has worked better than anything else we've tried! My son has severe diaper rash when he's teething. We've tried all the traditional creams and this works better and faster than all of them. We use a Qtip and slather it on. It usually clears up quickly! Highly recommend!

  • Amazon Customer - great start in kickboxing

    great start in kickboxing....lost 9 lbs and 4 1/2 inches off my waist in a month. It's my morning go to!

  • J. Willoughby - Silly Putty for your face

    I bought this product to help conceal dark discoloration around my eyes, but I was extremely disappointed. The product is thick but not creamy or moisturizing. When applied, it immediately appears cakey and uneven and makes my skin look drier and more uneven in tone than when I started. I tried mixing it with my daily moisturizer in the hope that it would help, but, alas, it did not. I've tried this product multiple times since I purchased it, and each time the result is the same. It settles into every small line on my face, accentuating them. The product is also very peach colored, and does not match a natural skin tone. It reminds me more of Silly Putty than of a concealer. Ultimately, I would not purchase this product again (and eventually threw mine away since it was useless). You would be better off finding something more natural in tone, cheaper in price, and less dense in consistency.

  • Michelle L - The best teeth whitening product

    I've been bleaching my teeth for about 10 years. I've tried several different whitening products and I like Nite White ACP (formally Nite White Excel) the best. It works quickly and effectively with little or no sensitivity. The instructions recommend leaving the trays in for an hour, which is just about when my teeth started to get sensitive - they were slightly sensitive throughout the next day. This product does not inflame my gums like other products. If you have very sensitive teeth, I recommend a lower percentage. The product arrived quickly via USPS. My only complaint is that at $7, shipping is too pricey.

  • Drew - *This Review is for the product itself not the seller*

    Buy these one the website they are only $10 dollars. This is perfect for a Christmas Party with your horrible friends. Also if you buy them on the Cards Against Humanity Website the profits go to charity. SO you actually get to make a difference while being an awful person.