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  • Vesicants: not just chemo agents – Part 2 | Infusion Nurse Blog - A blog I posted back in 2010 discussed vesicants are not just chemo agents - read post Chemotherapeutic (Cytotoxic) agents are not the only vesicants that cause extravasation injuries. There are non-chemo medications and solutions that have vesicant properties as well and can cause extravasation. Back then, the list of non-chemo vesicants was short or…
  • 2016 NIOSH List of Antineoplastic & Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings | Infusion Nurse Blog - This is an updated version of the 2014 publication. The current update (2016) adds 34 drugs, five of which have safe-handling recommendations from the manufacturers. Hazardous drugs include those used for cancer chemotherapy, antiviral drugs, hormones, some bioengineered drugs, and other miscellaneous drugs. This document presents criteria and sources of information for determining whether a drug is…
  • Unlicensed Assistive Personnel and Infusion Therapy | Infusion Nurse Blog - In case you missed it, the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) has published an updated position paper on The Role of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) in the Provision of Infusion Therapy.  UAP is the common term used to describe the various assistive personnel to whom physicians, RNs, and other health care professionals may delegate patient care activities,…
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  • Amazon Customer - yesterday I'm a big guy too like 260. Take two of em

    It just worked for me....yesterday I'm a big guy too like 260. Take two of em...drink 8 glasses of water....piss 3 times before you go

  • M Bernstein - Fun To Read & Interesting!

    I like learning new things everyday and in between this book and Dan's daily emails, I am assured I always am. This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn random and new things. The chapters are so short that I read 1-2 a day and finished the book quickly.

  • withoutworry - Smells good

    I bought these to help cut down the smell from my washer. I use my washer pretty frequently. Between a husband who works construction and cloth diapering a baby it gets used well. It does a good job cleaning out the drum. Since I cloth diaper I worried about the cleanliness of my other clothes. I use it once a month. After using these, I don't worry so much any more.

  • BostonChick - Did not work for me at all.

    I read all the reviews very carefully before buying this, so I was ready for side effects and was hoping I'd lose weight like majority of the reviewers. But it did not happen. The first few days before I got to 4 pills/day recommended dosage the side effects were very strong - headache, dizziness, even some panic attacks, but the pill did block the appetite and gave me a strong inflow of energy at the gym. I loved that part. May be it was a placebo effect but I thought I was feeling lighter and started losing weight. But eventually, very soon, the energy spikes were gone completely and so was the feeling of losing weight. I finished the bottle just because... but it didn't do a thing to my body. As a side note, I may not be on a strict diet, but I've been going to the gym every other day, no exception, for 11 months straight, doing both cardio and then about an hour of strength. If these pills intend to work only with strict diet and gym, and you have the will power for both, you certainly won't need the pills. Otherwise, they are not a substitute for one of the two.

  • Scubanut - All registry cleaners are SNAKE OIL

    Per Microsoft and personal experience, registry cleaner software similar to this one are unnecessary at a minimum and may result in an inoperable system in a worst-case scenario. I've recently been experiencing random system lockups on my Dell workstation and I accidentally contacted some online help service that said they could fix the problems with my registry and other *embedded files* (whatever those are) for a fee ranging anywhere from $150 to $450. They would magically solve all my problems. Just so you know, I have 25 years of Information Technology experience that includes operating systems and hardware repair. Running the Dell hardware diagnostics (press F12 at system boot and select diagnostics) resulted in a consistent system lockup when memory was being tested. Keep in mind that Dell diagnostics does not invoke the Windows operating system, so any claims by those who seek to profit from you that your operating system or your registry is corrupt are likely to be nonsense. They will use fear tactics and technical jargon to confuse you that your system is on the verge of a major breakdown and you better let them fix your problems before things get worse. In my case, a hardware error is the root of the problem and Dell is working with me to solve the problem. I am not saying that operating system problems never happen...they do. There may be a number of causes for system slowness or random lockups ranging from bloatware that you may have downloaded from the Internet, a virus that is on your PC, or driver problems. Engage your hardware vendor or Microsoft before you waste your money on software like this.

  • meghannoel22 - Love this carrier

    Love this carrier, it unzips on both ends to fold down in a storable flat shape instead of a big bulky pet taxi always in the way. It comes with a comfy pad in the bottom and fits both my adult cats and dachshund on vet trips. Nice made material and easy assembly. Definitely recommend this if you have limited space but need a pet carrier.

  • Steve M. Keck - 2012 Upgrades to 2013 Model

    When I bought my Samsung UN65ES8000 (65" 240 MHz TV) in the fall of 2012 at a great price, I purchased it with the full intent that I'd upgrade the UI at a point in the future. The 2012 Browser was unusable, the apps were painfully slow at times, and it wasn't the experience I believed a 21st century converged device was capable of.