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  • Onay Jones - Won't stay connected.

    I have to say I have been very satisfied with every purchase that I have made from Amazon however, this was not the case. The watch looks and feels really good. The problem is, it keeps disconnecting from my phone. I miss notifications and when texting you don't have predictive text to help you do so. It reminds me of an old school flip phone where you had to type through the numbers to get to the correct letter. I can't use my Bluetooth head phones to answer calls while connected to the watch because you can only have one device paired at a time. The price is amazing however, when I search for reviews on the phone via google you see that other vendors sale the same phone with different functionality.

  • Carol Pack - Healthier Looking Hair

    I've been using this product for years, and it makes a difference in how healthy my hair looks when it's styled. It eliminates the straw-like dryness of processed hair.

  • Antonio Chavez Jr. - Excellent!

    Great machete! Little heavy, but that's explained. It's the last large machete I'll have to buy. Works great and really takes and holds an edge.

  • Heidi Hoff - Makes all the difference

    This product is the best! I've used it before and had great results. I took a break for a year thinking I was "sorted out" and realized I needed some help. I did not want to resort to RX. I felt a huge difference to the positive in my emotional well being, energy and libido.

  • Robert - Not bad for the price!

    I bought a used 50" Seiki TV from a local pawn shop over the weekend. I didn't recognize the brand so I was a very skeptical about getting it. I looked at other tv's there, LG, Sony, etc. I was all ready to buy the LG tv that was next to the Seiki but I noticed the picture quality on the Seiki was so much better than the other tv's. The sales clerk talked me into getting the Seiki. I absolutely love the picture quality on this tv. It is a used Seiki that was manufactured in August of 2012. Reading the reviews here makes me a little nervous but considering the tv is now over a year old and still works great, I think I can rest a little easier. My only complaint with this TV is the sound quality is very poor. Sounds like its coming out of a tin can. I connected a set of external pc surround sound speakers and it sounds great however the volume controls don't work for external sound. So now I have to move my stereo receiver into the living room in order to control the volume on the external speakers. Other than that I love this tv.