Overview :: Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (TNXP) - Tonix Pharmaceuticals is developing new therapies for central nervous system disorders. Tonix targets conditions with unmet medical need, inadequate existing treatment options, and high dissatisfaction among patients and physicians.

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  • MJCJ - Songs not for young children.

    We like the game itself, but my children are 9 and 4 - most songs are very inappropriate! My 9 year old daughter even thinks they songs are not appropriate. There are only about 5 songs they like/are allowed to listen to. The rating is E/10. I wouldn't let my daughter listen to the songs next year. They may not come out and sing about desiring sex - but it sure is implied in the majority of the songs.

  • Pat Keltner - Great price

    Individually wrapped tablets is kind of a pain, but it preserves the tablets from moisture and humidity. It also lessons the chlorine vapors when you take the lid off the tub.

  • Marty Scholes - There is good stuff in here

    Good overview of TOC in a fictional applied scenario. The specific situations seemed a little contrived as did the character development, but that was not the point of the book. I have since purchased additional titles by the author and am reading them.

  • Me Myself and I - Excellent purchase!!!

    My 16-month old son knocked my SHIELD Tablet off the table, putting a 2-inch crack in the screen. I bought the intelliGLASS to hold it together and keep it usable. It works like a charm! It is barely noticeable on the tablet, keeps fingerprints at bay, and even works well with the stylus. I was a little hesitant about installation at first, but the installation videos made it a cinch. I have decided to get another SHIELD Tablet and will be outfitting it with intelliGLASS before anything can happen to it!!!

  • Aaron W - Instructions omit an important step!

    Shipping was great. The product arrived in a few days, and I took advantage of the special Black Friday pricing, so it was a good deal. However, like other reviewers here, I want to call attention to an important step in the installation process that is NOT mentioned in the written instructions. It would be very easy to fix this by including a small leaflet or addendum with the instructions.

  • Cade A Stombaugh - Great buy

    Looks so much better than the factory full length antenna and may actually work better. Great after market switch!

  • Kevin Jamesson - great product 5 stars

    I have tryed so many products to help my milk supply. Nothing has worked. After just 3 days of using the premama action support powered drink I've noticed an increase in my milk supply. I have now been using this product regularly to keep my supply up. I recommend premama lactation to any mother who is having a hard time with their milk supply. Great product 5 stars