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  • Justin Williams - Didn't Last One Month

    I loved my earbuds when I first received them. But this morning, while on a run, they suddenly quit. They were fully charged before the run. They still charge when you plug them up. They just won't come on.

  • Rhiannon Woody - This book has so many great recipes! It has a wide variety and I ...

    This book has so many great recipes! It has a wide variety and I truly haven't found a recipe yet that I'm not excited to make!

  • S. Heath - "Classic" as in "old", not "amazing"

    I was familiar with one or two, but was disappointed that they mostly just got to the heart of the longer and more colorful stories I'm familiar with. These are mostly a collection of summed up examples of consequences or lessons (ie. morals). I was expecting a little more pleasant reading, but most of the fables are about a paragraph long.

  • Robert - Finally...

    Two large dogs and a whole lot of ceramic tile in our RV, which we live in full time. Quick Shine is the first product we've found in 8 years that actually does what it advertises. Nice, shiny tile and protects against water spots and wet paws. Just water up a microfiber mop and boom, it's clean and like new.

  • Steve & Jacquie - Safe & Clean

    Works great for keeping the aliens from reading / manipulating your brain waves AND makes for really easy clean up when cooking.

  • Miss K - When used as a Conditioner - the best product ever!

    I first purchased and tried out Wen, and I absolutely loved it! Then of course I happened to stumble upon this product before re-ordering Wen. The reviews were all very positive, so I took a chance. And I'm glad I did! I would have to say, there is little to perhaps no difference between "Hair One" and "Wen". Infact, unless you told me (when I was using it), I wouldn't know the difference. I have fine hair, that also has natural body, so it gets frizzy and doesn't hold well. It's a major challenge to care for and to style. Okay, so I won't say, it's just "Hair One" that helps me achieve the condition and style I aim for with my hair, it's a combination of things. But I will say, that Hair One is one of the treatments I CAN'T do without anymore! It works best (in my opinion) as a conditioner. And it's best to leave it in as long as possible (20 minutes or more is ideal). But, it still does it's thing in shorter time frames as well. Then I also use a pea size amount of it, mixed with a Protein product as a "leave in" too afterwards. And my hair condition stays gorgeous, but not too weighed down. It's the perfect balance! As for the amounts of Hair One? I just listen to my hair. Sometimes I just use a little and that seems to be enough. Other times, as I let the conditioner sit, if I feel that my hair has already absorbed much of it, I will keep adding more until my hair stops all that absorbing. The good thing about Hair One too, is it is one of the few conditioning products I've ever used, that no matter how thirsty my hair is for moisture, my hair always gets enough. And it won't make my hair more weighed down, just because I used more. Not everybody will have the same results. But this product is "one" I swear by!!

  • Rebecca DuMaurier - The best version of this tale

    This is the best version of this classic Dickens tale. The acting is superb and, even though my family laughs at the overdramatization of Jacob Marley's ghost, we still love to watch this every year. Alastair Sims' performance is finely nuanced and charming.