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  • tattoo'd girl - Best Ever

    Best mascara there is. I wear hard contacts and never have a problem with it flaking or anything absolutely the best.

  • Mavis Shanks - Better than a mechanic

    I have a 12 year old Lazer Z mower that was running rough and wouldn't hardly start. I thought the engine was wearing out. A trip to small engine place actually did nothing. Then i starrted reading about ethanol and the damage it causes to small engines especially.

  • Asif Rahman - An amazing upgrade

    Wow. What a difference. Clear full speed upload and download throughout the house. I had an ASUS RT-AC66U and a NetGear NightHawk AC1900 as a range extender before this. The signal strength was pretty bad when you moved away from the ASUS router, and the AC1900 would provide barely acceptable signal boost. Now, there is no difference in the speed that I get next to the cable modem compared to rest of the house.

  • Craig Hogan - Works well for the price

    This product did what I expected on my black Audi. It handles minor scratches well. Even when it works the scratch is still there - you can see the scratch line in the sun but the white is gone so you don't see it unless you are bending down to look at it.

  • Amazon Customer - but my mood is even worse when I don't take them

    I've been taking these for almost three years now. Its helped me maintain a healthy weight, but it definitely has had an effect on my mood. Sometimes I feel angry and agitated for no reason when I take them, but my mood is even worse when I don't take them. These pills are for sure good for an energy boost and it definitely makes your digestive system run faster, but after a while it will definitely have an affect on my overall mental health and mood. I looked up all the ingredients today and most of these ingredients are not good for you at all. The ingredients FD&C Red #40 and Blue #1 have been proven to increase hyperactivity and cancer. Titanium dioxide has been proven to increase lung inflammation, dan damage, kidney damage, and small intestine inflammation. Those are just a few of the harmful ingredients. I'm definitely going to stop taking these pills.