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  • Carmen - So far everything works well.

    Bought this for my boyfriend as a birthday present. He wanted a video camera that he could make short films with. He is getting on great with it so far :) It's a pretty simple piece of kit, but that's fine for him

  • Christopher Therrian - Horribly inaccurate

    I don't normally write reviews but this thermometer is so bad I feel that I need to. It is completely inaccurate and unreliable. This thermometer has given readings so high that I had to rush my daughter to the ER only to find out her temp wasn't nearly as high as I thought it was. Just today I took her because it said her temp was 106.7! I get there 20 minutes later and they take her temp and it was 102.6. Yes she clearly had a fever but there is a big difference between 102.6 and 106.7. This thermometer has caused me to panic more than once now. I am done with it.

  • D Strick - Energy

    These pills contain several ingredients that will give you energy and a "pumped up" feeling. They can assist in burning off fat but only with the right excercising routine. Don't expect a take on pill miracle - I don't think those exist.

  • Robin G. - This works great for gasket leaks

    I have to admit I was very skeptical that this product would even work, but what hell the car is old and its on it's last leg away. I'm shocked to see the results. I had a lower intake gasket leak and it would have cost $700 to fix. Ever since I put Bar's leaks it stop completely. What! I can't believe it, I've been checking my coolent levels every day and haven't lost a drop. This works great for gasket leaks.

  • Chicagoan - Works really well !

    Arrived in time and very Nicely Packaged. Tried it quickly and works as well as any of the top line brands out here. Its good value for price ..