About - From June 2010, the Tourism Research Institute publishes the refereed scientific journal titled «Journal of Tourism Research».

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  • Amazon Customer - ... and doesn't reap as much liquid as I would like but good enough for what it is

    Smaller than expected and doesn't reap as much liquid as I would like but good enough for what it is. Not happy I had to go out of my way to the post office as the shipper did not follow orders.

  • Melinda Gordon - Really really sucks out boogers

    Man it gets some boogers out. It's gentle but powerful. I only use it if the little ones aren't clearing their noses because I'm noticing that my grand babies are starting to really hate the vacuum now.

  • Shantia Mcgee - Amazing Ablum if he doesn't win a grammy I'm never watching it again!

    It was totally unexpected. I bought it because I heard Apparently. I listened to it from start to finish with no skipping! He says what every young black person is thinking. I haven't been in love with a tap album since Kane West Late Registration

  • Shawn Bone - Worked for my son-in-law

    I didn't use this product. However, my son-in-law did. Apperently, if used properly, this product works. He passed his screening with no problems. I saw in the reviews that it's hit or miss for many. Maybe he just got lucky. I can't say, but he did get the job....and he smokes a lot. Good luck with this if you purchase.


    I have been using the product for 1-1/2 yrs. My hairdresser can't believe how my hair has grown. I don't know why people say the taste is bad, IT'S NOT, you'll drinking 2 cap fulls a day. It's worth drinking if you want you hair to grow and it does work.